• memphis church

    Memphis Church Erupts into Brawl After Two Women Fight Over a Man During Service

    Reported by Michal Ortner A fight broke out between two women at a Memphis, TN...

  • chaka khan

    These Black People Prove That Scientology is not Just for Whites

    Reported by Michal Ortner Scientology has been known as a religion that is largely White,...

  • despard

    Priest Allegedly Removed from Catholic Church by “powerful gay Mafia”

    By Nigel Boys Claiming that he was approached inappropriately by gays during his training to...

  • Couples at a swingers' party

    Swingers Turn Their Club into Church with “no s*xual activity”?

    Reported by Michal Ortner Earlier this year, a club for swingers named The Social Club...

  • burgers6n-5-web

    This restaurant is criticized for Christian values, but stands strong anyway

    By Nigel Boys According to the annual Consumer Picks survey in Nation’s Restaurant News, In-N-Out...

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memphis church
memphis church
chaka khan
Couples at a swingers' party

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