• rifqa

    Christian Woman Has Lived in Fear Since Converting From Islam

    By Michal Ortner In 2009, Rifqa Bary made the news when she converted from her...

  • app for pastor

    Anti-Gay Pastor Caught Sending “nasty” Images, Messages on Gay Mingle App

    By Michal Ortner The Rev. Matthew Makela resigned from his church, St. John’s Lutheran Church...

  • Did the black church give BB King the Blues?

    By Michal Ortner The death of blues legend B.B. King has left many reflecting on...

  • in god we trust bill

    Atheists: Remove “In God We Trust” From Dollar Bills

    Reported by Michal Ortner Michael Newdow, an atheist well known for his attempts to remove...

  • taylor hale

    Girl Declared Brain Dead, About to be Removed from Life Support Wakes Up After Prayer

    Reported by Michal Ortner In 2011, Taylor Hale was pronounced dead after remaining unresponsive for...

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