11 Die, 18 Injured In Nigeria Church Shooting

By Victor Ochieng

Nigerian authorities reported that at least 11 people were fatally shot during a church attack in the country’s southeastern region, an attack that saw 18 people injured.

According to reports released by the police commissioner of Anambra state, Garba Umar, a lone gunman attacked St. Philip Catholic Church this past Sunday. One parishioner, however, gave a different account of the incident, saying there were actually two gunmen and that over 15 people died in the attack.

Rev. Hygi Aghaulor, Nnewi Diocese communications director, said they’re praying for those injured during the attack.

The police have launched a thorough man hunt to bring the attacker to book.

So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack that has sent panic among churches in the region.

While some people may have thought it could’ve been a Boko Haram attack, police officers have said it’s highly unlikely that the group was responsible. Such speculations were expected, understanding the group has over the past decade attacked several churches.

Meanwhile, BBC News reported that a Kenyan pastor, Dr. Gilbert Deya, has been extradited from the UK over child trafficking charges. The self-proclaimed servant of God is known for his claims that he miraculously creates pregnancies.

The pastor’s extradition is coming after more than 10 years of legal battle to stay in the UK. The preacher denied being involved in the stealing and trafficking of five children between 1999 and 2004 when he was arraigned in a Nairobi court. Dr. Deya made a lot of money through his gospel works in which he allegedly helped women to get pregnant and deliver children.

Questions were first raised about the pastor in 2004 at a time he was running a church in London. It’s BBC News that conducted an investigation into the preacher’s activities.

Kenyan Police Spokesman Charles Owino reported that Deya had arrived in Kenya aboard Kenya Airways.

In his fight to remain in the UK, Dr. Deya said he feared that his extradition would lead to his mistreatment and torture. For years, he managed to remain in the UK until recently when he was finally extradited.

Whether Dr. Deya will continue with his ministry works in Kenya isn’t clear. It’s however very clear that the extradition will significantly affect his ministry works. Many people also treat him with suspicion in Kenya, especially after the child trafficking allegations that were leveled against him.