Jesus, Deliverance, Joan and Vanity: A Glimpse into the Past of Two Iconic Women


By Robert Stitt

Denise Katrina Matthews was a model better known by her stage name Vanity, although she did not go by it for over 25 years. After meeting rock legend Prince and becoming his girlfriend, the mogul made Matthews the lead singer of his girl group Vanity 6, a moderately successful and very provocative band in the 1980s with the hit “Nasty Girl.” Matthews was known for partying hard and loved cocaine. She posed for Playboy twice. She almost died from an overdose when her kidneys shut down.

Lucky to be alive, Matthews gave her life to Jesus in the 1990s. She says that it took a deliverance to set her free because she was possessed. On the Joan Rivers Show, she related how she actually saw demons on and around her bed and how there had been a time when others had seen her levitating three feet in the air off of her bed. She said that the biggest proof of her possession was not even the manifestations, but the sorrow and misery. This girl who had it all hated life.

After her deliverance and salvation, Matthews told Rivers she got rid of everything that had to do with her former life and devoted her entire life to God. Rivers questioned her about how she planned to pay for the bills now that she didn’t want to live the life that she had been given to earn money. Matthews told her God would provide for her and he even opened the door for movies.

Rivers questioned her about men and how she could be alone. Matthews told her that she had Jesus and He was enough. When Rivers pushed and asked what she would do if God brought her a great man who believed in God, would she get married? Matthews said that she would listen to God because he would tell her what to do.

Fifty-seven-year-old Matthews died on Feb 15, 2016, of kidney failure. She had continued to live for Jesus for the last 25 years as a devout Christian who spoke out against her former lifestyle. TMZ reports that “She remained active in her local church up until her death. We’re told she was in church on Saturday evening and told the congregation she was ‘ready to go home.'”

Joan Rivers died on September 4, 2014. During her interview with Matthews, Rivers repeatedly mocked Matthews about her deliverance. At the show’s conclusion, Rivers told the audience that she had no interest in being born again since she felt she was fine in her life.