Here Are 5 Habits That Will Take Away Your Happiness

By Victor Ochieng

We all want to be happy. Living a happy life is one of the best experiences, regardless of one’s position in the societal hierarchy. There are people who’ve learned to live joyful lives by simply dropping some habits that are likely to sabotage their peace of mind and subsequently steal their joy.

Below are five habits you should shun to live a happy life:

Comparing Self to Others – If you’re going to be overly concerned about what others have and comparing it to what you have, know you’re on a self-destructing path. When you look at others, you’ll always have the feeling that they’re smarter, more successful, more organized and confident than you. By so doing, you forget about the mighty things that God is doing in your own life and as a result, you lose your own happiness.

Constant Complaints – No matter the challenges they’re facing, happy people never complain. They’re very much aware of the difficulties they’re going through, but they simply never let such things shroud their thinking. They’re very careful not to go around spewing negativity about problems, neither do they feel sorry for themselves. Happy people take responsibility and focus on doing what they should in order to get things right. As for those who dwell in negativity, the enemy is always ready to snatch away their joy.

Competing – If you’re going to buy a car because your neighbor has done so, you’re on the wrong path. Happy people don’t struggle with appearing to be better than others but are instead more fixated on what God requires of them. Those who’re constantly competing with others always find themselves in an emotional roller-coaster. Happy people know that life has its ups and downs and someone doing better than them doesn’t bother them. Their value is rooted in Christ.

Seeking to Control Everything – If you want to be happy, you must be ready to cast away your “control-freak” tendencies. Happy people take note of the fact that they cannot control everything and so they know exactly what to let go of and when. Interestingly, whenever they let go for all the good reasons, Someone more powerful takes full control.

Criticizing – Constantly criticizing people works to put them down. But then it’s equally true that those who put others down are actually having their own struggles. They go through serious emotional challenges by always being on people’s cases. It’s never too late to drop this habit and embrace a better and supportive approach to handling issues instead of just criticizing others. Happy people choose joy and do all they can and leave the rest to God.