7th Grader Sues School District After Banning Her from Posting Flyers with Bible Verses

By Lillian Armstead – A Christian firm, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) argues a school district in Kansas City is guilty of stopping a student from posting Biblical flyers at the school.

K. R., the student being accused of posting Bible verses is a seventh grader at Robert E. Clark Middle School, located in Bonner Springs, Kansas.

According to the Christian News Network, K. R. posted Bible flyers around the school to rally support for a prayer event called “See You at the Pole” held at the school each year.

However, the school counselor – Ms. Chellie Bonebrake approached K. R. at the school dance demanding the removal of the flyers, citing they violated the separation of church and state policy – the flyers were immediately taken down from the walls.

Frightened after the confrontation, K. R. decided to covertly pass flyers to her friends, but warned them the consequences of having the flyers fall into the hands of the faculty.  K. R. believed that because the flyers were not allowed to be displayed, the prayer event had low turnout.

Although K. R. would like to post flyers at the school for future events – she is afraid that the faculty will stop her once again.

According to the policy at the school, district religious materials are not allowed at school activities, on school grounds, or in any attendance facility.  This policy applies before, during or after the school day, of an activity sponsored by the school.

On the other hand, secular information such as posters of Little Wayne, the rapper is allowed.

Matt Sharp at ADF opined that, students should not be “shut down” in the expression of ideas and thoughts regarding religion or politics, because the First Amendment affords the right to free speech.

Since religion is part of the real world, it is important that it be expressed by students, surmises Senior Legal Counsel Jeremy Tedesco.  What do you think?