Actress Angelina Jolie Tells America To Open Its Doors For Muslim Refugees…It’s An Obligation

By Victor Ochieng

During a Monday Muslim event in Virginia, celebrity leftist Angelina Jolie asked America to accept more Muslim refugees. She joined former Secretary of State John Kerry in urging the state to give room to hundreds of thousands of refugees who’re fleeing their war-torn countries. Neither Jolie nor Kerry made consideration for regional resettlement alternatives, instead focusing solely on pushing for the United States to take responsibility and resettle refugees regardless of whether they were from Africa or the Middle East.

According to Jolie, accepting Muslim refugees would be a true demonstration of American values. Speaking before the predominantly Muslim audience, Jolie presented the United Nation’s refugee program as nothing more than a humanitarian initiative that needs to be supported by all.

The event was organized by the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS), a group affiliated with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which has links to the Muslim Brotherhood.

“It is our obligation as Americans to create a nation that welcomes those escaping from suffering,” said Jolie. “Fleeing their homes not by choice but because it is necessary for their survival. A great America is a compassionate America.”

Underlining the importance of resettling refugees in the country, Jolie said unqualified diversity is key to strengthening America.

“When we are at our strongest, it is when we draw on our diversity as a people to find unity based on our common values and our larger identity,” declared Jolie. “We are not strong in spite of our diversity, we are strong because of it.”

Jolie warned against stigmatizing the “beautiful religion,” clearly making her statement in reference to Islam.

“There is nothing strong about denigrating anyone on the basis of their religion, nationality, s*xual orientation, [or] gender,” said Jolie in a subtle attack against Trump’s Administration’s decision to issue a temporary ban on entry of Muslim refugees, immigrants or visitors into the country.

“When we denigrate the faith, traditions, and cultures of any group of people, we weaken our strength as democratic societies,” warned Jolie.

Jolie drove her point home by echoing President Barack Obama’s 2012 statement that “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

The actress clearly stayed away from talking about military experts, law enforcement officers, national security personnel among other entities that work to combat terrorist acts. However, she saluted those who observe night vigils that follow Islamic terrorist attacks.