Adultery Is Among The Deadliest Cancers Eating At The Church

By Victor Ochieng

The Bible strongly condemns s*xual immorality and even says it’s the only sin one commits against his or her own body. Unfortunately, it’s one of the most rampant sins in today’s church. From married pastors having extramarital affairs to church leaders getting involved in multiple s*xual relationships with parishioners, we’ve heard it all.

The latest to hit headlines is the case of Apostle Johnson Suleman. His name is all over social media over claims that he’s in an adulterous affair with Stephanie Otobo, a 23-year-old musician based in Canada. Suleman, founder and General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, isn’t happy with the talk about his relationship with the singer and has gone as far as prohibiting his church members from publicly talking about it.

The church’s Directorate of Media sent out a statement, saying the commentaries have outlived their relevance. Therefore, the department has warned church members against letting themselves be drawn to the talk.

“It has become imperative that we advise all Omega Children and Christians Worldwide to put an end to the ongoing media war that we have engaged in,” read the statement accessed by PREMIUM TIMES.

“Every wise person would know that this is not a battle of humans but one between the Kingdom of God and that of darkness. Therefore, nobody is permitted further to issue a statement or comment on the matter. All Facebook Live Videos on the issue should also stop forthwith.”

The Directorate of Media further advised in the statement that the church should focus on more important and relevant matters of God’s Kingdom.

“We are well aware [where] all these are coming from and we will deal with it spiritually,” continued the statement. The department sent out the statement even as a second lady by the name Queen Esther claimed on Sunday that she had a s*xual relationship with Suleman, popularly known as Apostle Suleman.

For about a week, Apostle Suleman and the Canada-based singer traded accusations and counterclaims over a s*xual relationship gone sour, coercion into an abortion of pregnancy, and breach of a promise to marry.

Clearly, such things shouldn’t be coming up against a man of God. Sadly, the fear of God is no longer in many of today’s pastors. Most of them are deliberately using the name of God for personal gratification, wealth creation and for gaining s*xual favors.

Church members should wake up and stand up against these evil leaders. You shouldn’t fear to to question your pastor’s actions as long as you’re doing so in good faith and to uphold the true gospel of Jesus Christ.