All Christian Question of the Day: How Does God Revere Tattoos?

We’re seeing more and more that young people are getting blinged out and “tatted out.”  Tattoos have become as common as loaves of bread, and seem to be the style that our kids are seeing on television.   If you’re over the age of 35, it seems crazy.  Also, there is some evidence that tattoos might also cost job opportunities.  But there are other people who think that we just have to accept the fact that times are changing and there’s nothing you can do about it.

We asked some of our readers at All Christian News what they think.  The conversation is below and we encourage you to join in:


  • Thats Her Jones Good question…i wud like to kno…
  • Carol Belcher your body is the temple of God, inside and out, thinking maybe we should not place on our bodies what would or could turn someone from the Lord when we make the statement that we are living for the Lord, when we represent our Lord by the way we live that could have a bearing on what we say and do, I don’t have scripture for this and don’t think this would send you too hell but sometimes I don’t believe we think before we do things! I love the Lord and when people look at me, I want them too see Jesus, that is what our life is all about!
  • Kelressa Keah Mitchell Please let me know…I got tatoos before I got saved and I hear about no tatoos if you a Christian, it’s the mark of the beast…But the ones that have mention this to me have yet to show me in the Bible where God speaks of it! I love the Lord more and more everyday, but I don’t want to disappoint him no more than I already have. I like tats and I want another one, but if I read in my word that my Father is against that, I will not do it!!!
  • Angela Bender Body is a temple of God!
  • Blessed Cruzan Chica Yahaira Good ? and always wanted to know…whose responding?? I have 10 tats!
  • Elizabeth Garcia-Tadeo Would also like to know. Yes our. Body is a temple but like it was said what if it was done before you we’re serving The Lord. God is a forgiving God not an unforgiving God. Yes our body is a temple but God says come as you are and worship me with song and dance. There is no sin unforgivable other than the one against the Holy Spirit.
  • Guadalupe IRep Christ Gonzales I agree that our temple is where the Holy Spirit dwells.
    I had got 3 tattoos before I got saved. But I was convicted to take out all my pireceings and not get tattoos.
    That was my conviction but others didn`t have it.
    I say seek God and ask Him He will lead you too what pleases Him toward your own body!
  • Valerie Finallymakingmehappy Cherry Leviticus 19:28 KJV Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord.
  • Tina Smith Wow. Never thought about this question but I hope he cares more about my soul than my tats.
  • Tina Smith Well I’m asking God right now to forgive me for this. I am saved but I got a tat last week and another piercing two months ago. I don’t feel convicted by them but I won’t get anymore. Lord please forgive me.
  • Shawntalay Prophet Lev. 19:28 explain tattoos
  • Ephesians Untitled The Lord told the children of Israel under the old covenant not to mark thier body with tatoos bcause it was witchcraft and pagan practice (leviticus 19:28) 

    Now under the new covenant of grace we have freedom but we are told not to use it as a cloak to sin and for the flesh (galatians 5:13 1st peter 2:16), and we are told to walk in wisdom to those who are on the outside (colossians 4:5)

    So apply wisdom and common sense to what ever you do in the choices you make, tatoos can hinder you from employment so we have to take all that in consideration
  • Elizabeth Rendon In the old testament it talks some what about tattoos, yes, God was against it but remember, it was towards the people cause they were carving names of dead people on them & God hated that. I have tattoos from before I was saved also, then after I got saved i got some more…..with this in mind, they represent what Christ has done for me! If anyone sees my tattoos they know I’m a Christian  don’t be selfish and represent YOU in a tattoo, represent Christ!
  • Preston Leonard Lvt: 19:28 it’s not speaking on before you are saved but NOW THAT YOU ARE……once, you are saved you are forgiven then the you are held accountable for all that’s not of the Lord I have tats as well done b4 I knew Him……
  • Mieshel Jett If God can let a murderer into his kingdom, your good..just accept him in your life and maintain a relationship with Christ.
  • Sherry Turner Warner My son has lots of tattoos…He has chosen scriptures & crosses mostly. When I asked him about it, he said the Bible says you should bear witness & then extended his hand to me with his forearm showing me a cross & a scripture from James. He says it starts conversations with people he might not otherwise have an opportunity to talk about God with
  • Tarah Salvador I was thinking of getting one and I prayed about it,but now I know that God answered my prayers. Thank you brothers and sisters in Christ
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  • Tamara Dula-Lyons I don’t have any because of learning the bible @ such an early age leviticus 19: 28 is what I was taught !
  • Carlton Johnson Leviticus 19:28….Under the Law……..Tatooing was practiced in various pagan nations from the earliest times, as well as markings with all kind of paint and cuttings on the flesh. These were connected with superstition, and any disfigurations of the body was an outrage to God and an insult to Him who designed the body originally. Hence, the law……..
    We live under a Covenant of Grace today……and in the New Testament, Yes you find scripture in reference to you’re body being a temple…1 Corinthians 3:16……Believers are the temple of God for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit……We are not to corrupt, spoil, ruin, waste or destroy…… to end this…you could infect your body with a dirty needle unknowingly…….which could result in killing the body……..
  • Tiffany Chardae Bridges reading Leviticus 19:28 which is also a commandment …thou shall not carve any graven images of the dead…I believe that speaks for Christ too…its nice to represent Jesus but praise him with thy mouth not by tattoos …we are living in new testament now we are held accountable for our own actions …for God delivered us from sin so I state lets think about what we do….I am pretty sure most of us have tats and all but if u getting tatted up then u constantly have to repent from sin and believing he died on the cross for our sin….he wants us to live life without the sin which is hard for most of us because we know that we ain’t perfect but remember Jesus was tempted all the time…do things to get tempting and one more thing…our body is where Jesus dwells inside of the flesh …we can’t have defilement such as tats and potty mouths and etc because this way we feel connected to him and this is where we want the holy ghost to dwell also ….lovely topic
  • Kimberly Hundley Franklin i have several tattoos they are all where can been unseen. i am saved and have gotten all of them while i have been saved. God doesnt love me any less. its my body. i dont drink nor smoke or do drugs. all my tatts have a story for people that died and gone before me. cancer ribbions and so on. i worship my Lord and talk with him everyday. praise my God for all He is and who He was.
  • Jacquelyn Yvette Cook I was just wondering what this scripture is referring to in Revelation 19: 16, “And He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD O F LORDS. Is that a tattoo? ijs.
  • Jacquelyn Yvette Cook You must have balance in everything you do.