Angela Bassett Receives Honor At West Angeles COGIC

By Victor Ochieng

The Black Panther movie is a film that has been praised far and wide, with churches also being part of the organizations that recognize its role in promoting the Black cultural heritage. Besides some churches buying tickets for their members to watch the show, others chose to hold serious discussions about it in a bid to highlight some of the benefits one can draw from it.

Another interesting aspect of appreciation for this movie is the recognition of those who took part in the film, be it as cast members, producers or promoters.

Angela Bassett is among those who’ve received a tap on the back for their role in Black Panther. Her local church, West Angeles COGIC, paid her homage on Sunday, February 25, showering her with praises for being a cast member in a “movie that promotes family and cultural values.”

Bassett is really excited about the movie in which she played the Queen of Wakanda.

This past Sunday, Bassett took an opportunity while walking the red carpet at the American Black Film Festival Honors to tell a little more about what could be expected in the movie’s sequel.

“I didn’t die,” Bassett, who played Ramonda, said amid laughs. “The queen lives.”

One of the reasons why she may have said that is because the movie’s ending left the audience with many unanswered questions. One of these is the fact that the sacred herbs that Black Panther uses for his power were badly destroyed during Erik Killmonger’s short reign. Bassett gave a hint that maybe Shuri, the princess of Wakanda, will come in to save the day.

“We have no more herb left,” she said. “Shuri will figure it out. My daughter will figure it out.”

That said, it appears like the audience hasn’t had enough of the film, and that’s why there are already questions running around about a possible sequel and there is also curiosity about what it would entail.

The pride that comes with Black Panther is enormous, specifically for Black people. It’s a beautiful representation of the Black culture. Instead of showing Black people as villains or criminals as most Hollywood movies try so much to do, this brought in a different plot and an admirable culture about Black people, culture, and heritage.