Are There Stores in Heaven?

Remembering Lenya Avery Lusko.
Last night in Kalispell Montana at Fresh LIfe Church, I spoke at the memorial service for Lenya Avery Lusko.
She is the daughter of my friends Levi and Jennie Lusko.
Little Lenya, age 5, went to Heaven on December 20th.
She had a severe asthma attack and tragically died in her father’s arms.

Now she is in the everlasting arms of God.

Even at her young age, Lenya was a bright light for Jesus Christ.
She always was a fighter, as she was born with severe allergies to many foods.

She once said to her mom, Jennie “Mom, when I get to Heaven I’m going to buy a box of cheese and a whole box of peanut butter from the store. There are stores in Heaven, right Mom? I think there will be a lot of stores in Heaven!”

I love this because it shows that this little girl understood heaven is a real place.
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