Artists Lecrae and Andy Mineo Save The Life Of A Transgender

By Victor Ochieng

It turns out that as long as you are famous, even simply sneezing can turn into breaking news. That’s why rap and Hip-hop artists Lecrae and Andy Mineo made it to news headlines for reportedly preventing a transgender person from committing suicide. Many people have failed to get a grasp of why this act was considered news worthy, especially considering that it’s not out of the ordinary, and several similar acts go without notice.

CBN News reported that Lecrae and Mineo were driving to the Bronx when they got to a bridge and noticed the transgender preparing to jump off. They quickly pulled over and got out to help. Mineo explained in a Facebook post that, “She starts to climb over the guardrail to jump…Lecrae reaches his long seven-foot arms and grabs her and says ‘no,’ and pulls her back and I start grabbing her.”

However, many people have a feeling that the report is just but part of CBN’s tactics for propagating their support for transgenderism. What sparked the suspicion that this story was fake and only meant to influence Christians to accept transgenderism is the fact that Mineo added in that very post that the person they saved said, “I just want to go home. I just want to be with Jesus. I don’t want to live anymore.”

Reports have it that it’s the “Jesus” statement by the transgender that touched the two artists the most. And as they waited for the arrival of the police, they comforted the transgender and encouraged her, telling her that God loved her. Well, God does indeed love us all despite our sinful nature; however, this shouldn’t be an excuse to promulgate evil doctrines that aren’t in line with His divine plan for humanity.

Having said this, the transgender debate has increasingly brought tension within the Christian community. It becomes worse when a Christian broadcaster such as CBN takes the forefront in endorsing such kind of practices. Our children are the ones suffering most from the confusion that characterizes the current generation. The Christian body should reconcile with the true doctrine of the Bible in order to be in a position to guide the United States to the teachings of the Bible. Without such interventions, this nation and the generation as a whole is heading towards a very dark and unhappy future.