Ask a Fellow Christian: Are Christians Accused of Unfairly Hating Homosexuals?

There are those out there who think that the Christian community hate homosexuals.  We don’t believe this to be true and think that the accusation is both false and inflammatory.   So, in order to hear the subtle arguments on this matter, we asked our fellow Christians what they think, to allow them to give perspective on the issue.

Do you think that people believe all Christians hate homosexuals? Do you feel that they could be treated better?

  • I don’t believe TRUE CHRISTIANS hate.
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  • Anisa Martin-Lee I don’t hate them. I don’t agree with the sin
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  • Angela Rooks Why wd u hate someone for their sexual preferences???? Hate is a strong word!!!!!!
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  • Tarsha Brooks It’s not onto us to judge the next person. They have to live there life as we shall have to do onto ourselves. I have friends that do live that life and its upto God to decided their faith.
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  • Brittney Battle No, I believe there are a few Christians that love homosexuals. God made us, so we gotta accept each other no matter what we du.
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  • Ashley Roberts I think its there choice and some get treated bably I dont hate them they still are human
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  • Tiara MiszLadii Polamalu Homosexuals are simply ppl who deserve fair treatment. And if one claims to be a Christian then he’d know that you shouldn’t hate or judge. “Let who is without sin cast the first stone.” So lets love each other with no regards to their sexuality. .
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  • Kathy Simpson Butler I dont think if you are truly a christian that you will hate anyone.
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  • Kathie Glazner i don’t hate homosexuals.
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  • Darlene Richardson No but it is a abomination to GOD but you still have to love them no matter who they are.could be you very own family member. Would you love them any less?
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  • Lewis Micheal O’Donohue God hates no one but its a choice to be something other than God like its their choice we all must pray for those lost in the world of immoral things and lead them to Jesus all sins can be forgiven
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  • Lesvia Ann Arce Monreal I think everyone has the rite 2 live and love how they want cause I don’t pay their bill nor do support them they work and don’t ask anyone 4anything just sayin
  • Lynnette Greybull YES, they absolutely believe that and it’s so not true!! If we as Christians are to love everyone, as a whole, we need to show acceptance, just as we show acceptance to the homeless, the prisoners, and lost!! Homosexual sin is no different than my sin, your sin, the worlds sin, and if God loves us all equity shouldn’t we too???? How else will they know the love of Christ if judgment is all Christians display????
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  • Shawn Sweet-Holborn I agree with promise fulfilled love the person hate the sin
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  • Regina Cassandra Lucas It has already been said by so many on here in their comments. I agree with all of you. We as Christian wouldn’t be a Christian if we hated the person, love is still there for they are still human that needs to know the truth. We just hate the sin. And we are to still treat them with the respect as we want from others also.
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  • Shannon Colbert-Mapp God don’t like ugly you let god handle that
  • T.s. Weatherspoon First of all if you have a christian that shows hatred to anything other than sin an the devil, they are not Christians.
  • Andrew Cremata Not judging them and condemning them to hell would be a good start.
  • Linda Clayton Brown GOD does not hate homosexuals He loves them as He loves us all, IT is their unnatural lifestyle, that He ABHORS!!!!!!