Atheist “Church” Founded In England By Famous Comedians

Ayvaunn Penn, All Christian News

This past Sunday, groves of English atheists amalgamated for a Sunday “church” service to ignore the word of the Lord. Apparently Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans, two popular comedians in England, started a “church” in Islington for non-believers who never want to believe. They say services will be held on the first Sunday of each month at the Nave in Canonbury. According to Jones and Evans, just because one does not believe in God, it does not mean that they dislike certain warm elements of Christianity. Jones specifically states, “We thought it would be a shame not to enjoy the good stuff about religion, like the sense of community, just because of a theological disagreement.”

So if they are not praising God under this nameless guise of a “church,” what exactly are they doing? According to reports, their meetings consist of secular music by an in-house band and keynote speakers like authors. The topic at hand for their first service was to help their members better understand how to uphold their resolutions for 2013. Sounds to me like all they need is a television media crew, and they can be the perfect mix between The Oprah Show and Saturday Night Live — except on a Sunday.

Christians across the globe should be inexplicably offended that these comedians and their fan base gather outside of the name of Jesus Christ and call themselves a church. They could not be farther from the opposite. The church is the body of believers — nothing more, nothing less.  Furthermore for clarity’s sake, a believer is one who knows: the salvation of their soul rests in believing that Jesus Christ died and rose again for their sins; asking God for forgiveness of their sins; and lastly asking God to come into their heart. Christians cannot do anything about people gathering for what looks like Sunday book club meetings with a free concert. The Christian community can, however, demand that the term church be respected and not turned into a mockery.


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