When Is The Best Time To Go To Church?

By Victor Ochieng

Our feelings towards going to church changes based on the things we’re going through in our lives. At times when we’re facing challenging moments, we feel it’s better to stay alone at home than go for a church service.

In an article posted on The Gospel Coalition, David ‘Gunner’ Gundersen, lead pastor at BridgePoint Bible Church in Houston, shared a discussion he had with three different people about going to church. Two of them were suffering from depression while the third was going through a painful breakup period. Because of these challenges, they’d stopped going to church.

One of them just felt she wouldn’t get the desired satisfaction in church because there would be no sense of connection. The one who was going through a breakup just felt the whole experience would be weird as she would have to see her ex. It’s understandable that these people would feel the way they were feeling about going to church.

However, Gundersen says the best time to go to church is when you’re not feeling like it.

The church is way more than a place and that’s why we’re told in Hebrews 10:24-25 that we shouldn’t skip such gatherings. If we cannot be together with fellow brethren because of the difficulties we’re going through, we can’t be a family. Yes, Gundersen underlines the fact that “Covenants are made for the hard times, not the good times” and so we should make it a responsibility to attend church services even during our lowest moments.

Gathering in a church isn’t about you. You may not like the collection of the worship songs or the kind of sermon being shared, but if you’re in a church that believes and preaches the gospel of Christ Jesus, you have no excuse but to be in oneness with them. They remain your brothers and sisters if you’re keen on inheriting the Kingdom of God. The point here is that it’s not just about you; you may not like an element or the other, but you must understand that it’s about all and not one of you.

It’s all about why we were created. When Christians gather in worship, they’re doing what God expects of them; the reason why they were created. That’s to say that you don’t have to be in the mood to go to church in order to go. Our gathering has been instituted by God himself and so it’s not something we opt out of at will.

If it’s that Sunday morning and you’re ready to go to church, but you’re feeling like you’re not into it, go back to God in prayer and ask Him for grace then head to church anyway. You should be able to trust God that He’s able to make things different for you when you go to His house.