Is The Bible The Actual Word Of God Or Is It A Fake?

By Victor Ochieng

A former pastor has quit the church and said the Bible is not the Word of God. The ex-believer cites The Council of Nicaea and lack of historical evidence supporting biblical accounts as some of the reasons why he doesn’t believe the Bible is inspired of God.

According to the former pastor, the Bible is nothing but a fabrication.

In one Facebook post, he asked: “What if the Bible is not the word of God?” After making the post, people dismissed him, some got annoyed by his question, while others felt sorry for him and promised to remember him in their prayers.

The former pastor recently released a YouTube video in which he firmly declared that he doesn’t believe in the Bible at all.

How did he come to the conclusion that the Bible isn’t the Word of God? Well, he says he’s done extensive research trying to authenticate the Bible, but was disappointed to “find out” that the Bible is purely man’s creation.

“I now know that the Bible was manufactured for control…” he says. “I don’t believe in the Bible or any character in the Bible.” All those Bible characters, according to him, are fake. He insists that none of the Bible characters existed historically, owing to the fact that no historical accounts point to them. Calling them by their names, the former pastor says Bible characters like Jacob, John, Matthew, Mark, Luke, Jesus, Judah, and Daniel never existed and were only plagiarized from Egyptian astrologers. He even asked if anyone has evidence that the world had at some point come to an end by a flood.

“If what you believe in is not backed by historical evidence then you’ve been deceived,” he says.

Does God make mistakes? The Bible says NO! How about the Bible saying that God regretted making man? Doesn’t that bring the impression that God realized he’d made a mistake, the former pastor questions?

How about creation? According to the Bible, God created man about 7,000 years ago. The former pastor doesn’t believe that’s true or, maybe, there were people before Adam and Eve. Why is he saying so? Because, according to history, and more specifically, archaeology, there are man-made things that existed hundreds of centuries ago. Who made these things then, he asks?

In the final minutes of the video, the former pastor says Bible writing started in 325 AD, with writers relying on Egyptian type astrology to build their characters, which, according to him, amounts to plagiarism.

Then he finally asks: How could the people [Europeans] who robbed black people of their land, subjected them to slavery, and raped their daughters, end up leaving them a book [The Bible] that would work to set them free?