What Does The Bible Say About Women Like Blac Chyna?

By Victor Ochieng

If there is something one can bet on about Blac Chyna, it’s that your opinion about her doesn’t shake her. She does things her own way; exposes her body to her self-prescribed limits; disses unapologetically, at will; dresses her unique style and only does makeup the Chyna way.

Oh, lest we forget, Blac Chyna can date whomever she wants without giving much thought to public opinion. Even though we cannot call her a whore, she portrays an image of a whorish woman, right?

That’s most probably what inspired Conservative Christian Marcus Rogers to comment about Chyna’s relationship with Rob Kardashian. He posed a question asking what “Samson, Solomon, David and Rob Kardashian have in common?” His point was that all these characters couldn’t resist whorish women.

What a question! Was Rogers right to have given such an illustration? Was it okay for him to have used these biblical figures just to drive his point home? Many on social media believe he strayed somewhat. How could he put Kardashian to such a comparison, knowing he isn’t a Christian? Why try to portray Chyna as whorish yet fail to acknowledge the fact that both have their shortcomings?

Most probably Rogers could’ve received enormous support from social media users were it that Kardashian was some pastor. But because Kardashian isn’t your born again Christian, they differed with Rogers. Some warned him against bedeviling Chyna as if Kardashian hasn’t fallen to similar temptations and done similarly loathful things. In fact, when it comes to whether or not the two are perfect for each other, many fans believe they snugly fit because they’re both “whorish,” for lack of a better word.

Clearly emphasizing that Kardashian made a mistake, Rogers said, “This should serve as a lesson to all young men. Getting involved with the wrong woman will cost you. Look at Samson, David, and Solomon.”

Proverbs 6:26 – “For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread: and the adulteress will hunt for the precious life (KJV).”

Whatever it is that’s going on between Chyna and Kardashian, the fundamental teaching for those intending to get married is that your choice of a marriage partner should be guided by Biblical principles. Don’t be drawn to a woman by her looks, money or social background.