Biblical Ways Christians Should Respond To The Signs Of The End of Time

By Victor Ochieng

September 23 came and went and we’re still here. This is despite having been told that the world was coming to an end on that day, having been predicted by David Meade. The same person is now pointing us to October 15 as the actual day of rapture. Meade based his prediction on what he referred to as the “Revelation 12” sign witnessed in the heavens.

Meade isn’t the first person to come up with such a prediction. A quick Google search would tell you that people began making such predictions as early as the year 500, and it appears humanity hasn’t learned a thing. One of the theologians who came up with one of the early predictions based it on nothing more than the dimensions of Noah’s Ark. Even the pope got caught up in such when he predicted the end of the world to be the year 1000; that came and went and nothing of significance took place. When that failed, some other Bible scholars picked on the year 1033, being 1000 years after the crucifixion of Jesus, choosing to run away from 1000 years from his birth. Well, that too dropped flat.

This list is long, with some even not recorded. Jumping to the 19th century, we find that October 22, 1844 was also predicted to be the year of His coming. Then we had 1874 and 1891, all of which failed. More keep coming, with some even originating from our scientists. In the 20th century, Edgar C. Whisenant, a NASA affiliated scientist and a Bible teacher, predicted the coming of the Messiah to be 1988 during Rosh Hashanah. Ahead of the foretold “end time,” Whisenant’s book detailing the rapture sold 4.5 million copies, and a major Christian media outlet changed its programming closer to the day and introduced a program to teach people how to prepare for the day of rapture.

So many have come and they still will come, as long as Christ delays.

Ironically, many people who buy into such predictions are actually Christians who claim to read the Bible. They appear not to believe in the Bible verses of Mark 13:32-33, which says, “But concerning that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. Take heed, watch and pray. For you do not know when the time will come.”

If there is something that’s clearly resulting from such predictions, it’s that many of our so-called Christians are very vulnerable. Christians who believe such things end up driving away their family members and friends who’re not yet born again from the church.

Jesus is coming back, no doubt. He’s coming back as a thief. No one can predict the exact day or time of His coming. That’s why true Christians should stay away from speculations about the day.

How should a Christian respond to the signs of times?

There is no better way than to be like the five wise virgins of Matthew 25. Be ready at all times for the coming of the bridegroom. Pray incessantly and repent of all your sins so that when the Messiah comes, he finds you worthy of inheriting His Kingdom.