Billy Graham’s Daughter Claims Terror Attacks Are God’s Ways of Calling Our Attention


By Victor O.

Billy Graham is a very controversial minister to many people, but it appears he is not the only one like this in the family. The preacher’s second daughter is also proving that she can be equally as controversial. She is claiming that God allows terror attacks and other disasters in the United States because people have refused to pay attention to Him.

Anne Graham Lotz, 67, made this claim while speaking with Jan Markell on the radio program, “Understanding End Times.” She also said that the judgment of God will soon come upon the country and that she will witness the rapture during her lifetime, according to the Christian Post.

She drew a comparison between the level of apathy Americans currently exhibit toward God and that of the people during the times of Noah when the earth was destroyed by the great flood.

“In the days of Noah, they were eating, drinking, getting married. There is nothing wrong with any of that. All of those are normal everyday activities,” she said on the radio program. “But in Noah’s day, they did it all apart from God. There was no acknowledgment of God. God was irrelevant to them.”

Lotz said the same situation is being witnessed in America today. People prefer focusing their attention on trivialities such as sports, Hollywood and controversies rather than to give God as much attention as He deserves. She said this is the reason the Creator sends “wake-up calls” in the form of terror strikes or tornadoes in the country. These disasters, Lotz believes, help people to see the need to run to God.

“If we don’t give Him our attention, then He is going to allow things to happen to make us more and more desperate until we do cry out,” she said.

While God has been patient with America so far, Lotz warned that a “point of no return” will eventually be reached when God will no longer pay heed to calls for mercy but unleash judgment instead.

Three things, according to her, will push the country to a point of no return from God’s judgment: the legalization of gay marriage, abandoning Israel, and a surge in the abortion rate.

“Those three reasons alone would demand that God judge America,” she said. “We can point our fingers at them.”

Lotz declared that the two most important steps to avert God’s judgment on America are to start praying and sharing the good news of salvation.



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