Bishop Who Lost His Fingers And Feet In An Unsuccessful Kidney Transplant Is Happy To Be Alive

By Victor Ochieng

A bishop feels very thankful to God that he’s alive today even after he underwent a surgery that was so gruesome that it almost took away his life. He’s happy that God has allowed him to enjoy this Christmas with his congregation. He sustained serious injuries after surgeons failed terribly in a kidney transplant that he believed would transform his life for the better.

Bishop Larry Jones underwent surgery this past November at Loma Linda Medical Center after his daughter volunteered her own kidney for him.

What happened? Well, according to Jones, the surgeons did a shoddy job, discharging him while urine was still leaking to his abdomen from his bladder. The hospital went into attempts to fix the issue, but it came after the urine had already leaked and caused an infection that saw both his feet, fingers and part of his manhood amputated, reads court documents filed by Jones’ lawyers at San Bernardino Superior Court in September.

But after all is said and done, Bishop Jones is happy that at least he’s still alive to spend another Christmas with his family and congregation.

“I’m thankful to be alive, to be able to see another Christmas here with the church. To see the green trees and the earth and the dirt,” said Jones.

And because of the life that God has given him, he can only be thankful.

“We just give the whole day to Jesus Christ on Christmas,” said Jones. “I’m thankful just to be able to worship once again in this land that God created.” He continued, “I’ve been able to learn to enjoy being alive. I’ve been able to learn to thank the Lord for all this fresh air that we’re breathing, though it’s borrowed.”

So, this is going to be another time for him and his congregation to come together with the provisions of the LORD to share this beautiful Christmas that has been provided. “We go to church and come together. We try to have everything at Christmas, whatever the congregation wants, if we have the money, we go get it.”

In his lawsuit against the hospital, Jones, pastor of Inland Empire, is demanding that the medical institution come clean on their involvement in his surgery.

“I started to get scared towards the end. I feared for my life,” said Jones. “I felt like they were killing me.”

Because they didn’t fix the bladder properly, Jones felt so much pain in his stomach, prompting him to go back to the hospital.

“I thought the hospital would know what to do. We shouldn’t even have to ask. If you’re the doctor, that’s what you do. If you’re the one connecting the tubes together, that’s what you went to school for. And then it comes out they’re doing something totally different.”

Thanks to God Jones is alive.