Bishop T.D. Jakes Goes Beyond The Pulpit To Help People Find Passion, Purpose, And Power In Life

By Victor Ochieng

Today’s pastor doesn’t have a name; today’s pastor isn’t even respected in the society. Both the mainstream and social media pour every evil words against pastors, so much so that being a pastor doesn’t attract any respect anymore. It’s true our pastors have failed us. Everyday, there is a new case of a pastor involved in a terribly evil act; an act not worthy of anyone who carries the name of Jesus Christ.

However, we’ve got to admit that not all pastors are evil, and not all have the hunger for money as is displayed by today’s prosperity gospel preachers. There is still a good number that’s doing all within their means to uphold the true gospel of Jesus; the gospel of love.

In a recent article published by Monarch Magazine, the author shared some insightful information about one pastor who’s making a difference in the lives of many, doing so through his deep sermons, books, conferences, and support programs. He is trampling the societal barriers that limit the roles of pastors. As for him, he goes an extra mile to share love and help people find passion, power, and purpose in life.

Bishop T.D. Jakes is one pastor who remains steadfast in his quest to change lives through the gospel and actions of love. This is evident, in spite of negative reports that have previously surfaced about him, especially in relation to prosperity gospel.

A good example of his noble works is his “T.D. Jakes Show,” which he uses to highlight life problems and how to overcome them. In the show, Jakes features people who’ve got real and touching stories. The guests talk about the problems they’ve experienced in life and how they addressed them.

Through his ministry, Bishop Jakes has transformed many lives, but he also admits that there are also people who’ve helped build him to who he is. The first people he mentions are his parents, whom he says have been key pillars in his life, shaping him to be the person he is. His mentor and spiritual father has been none other than Bishop Sherman Watkins of Columbus, Ohio. He also talks about Oprah Winfrey and Terry Jones, saying that he’s learned so much by just observing them do their things; strengthening him in media, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Bishop Jakes is using his enormous experience – his 40 plus years in the ministry – to share love with others and make them understand that they shouldn’t bow down to societal limitations. Through his works, he tries to encourage everyone to remain optimistic and focused on doing things without giving into stereotypical ideas that only work to suppress progress.