Bishop T.D. Jakes Keen On Bringing Back Ex Pastor Chris Hill On Line, Lays Hands On Him

By Victor Ochieng

A good friend is one who rebukes you and helps you find your way back on track. That’s what we can say of Bishop T.D. Jakes after it became apparent that he’s not going to abandon former Pastor Chris Hill, who resigned after his wife exposed his romantic relationship with one of his church employees.

Hill was a Potter’s House pastor before he resigned. Jakes, on the other hand, is the leader of the megachurch. For most leaders, it could’ve been a done deal after one of their pastors was mentioned in a s*xual scandal and the said pastor eventually resigned.

But that’s not what T.D. Jakes is about. He’s not going let Hill go without some moral support or show him the way. Just the other day, a video was posted on social media, showing Jakes praying for Hill.

After the church struggled with the tainted image of Pastor Hill having a s*xual relationship with a married woman, reportedly his goddaughter, the pastor finally resigned from his position as pastor of The Potter’s House Church of Denver. The church then announced the pastor’s decision to resign, coming after the troubled pastor took a sabbatical from his spiritual responsibility.

“The Potter’s House Church of Denver announces today that Senior Pastor Chris Hill, has tendered a letter of resignation effective immediately. Further, after several weeks of ministry, counseling, and contemplation, Pastor Chris and his wife Joy Hill will be seeking a formal separation,” the church noted in a statement that was later deleted.

Hill’s decision came as a huge blow to the church and they were clearly not happy with the development.

“While they are both saddened on many accounts they feel it is the best decision for both their personal healing and the successful continuation and growth of the Denver Church body. All of us here at the Potter’s House Denver are praying for Pastor Hill and his wife as they embark upon this very personal journey. The Church leadership will respect their privacy at this time as any further decisions about the state of their marriage will be a private one between them and their families,” the statement continued.

Clearly, that was the best decision the pastor made, particularly because there was so much pressure for him to resign. Worse still, it was actually his wife who sparked the whole conversation by exposing her husband’s illicit affair and demanding that he takes full responsibility for his actions.