Why Did Bishop T.D. Jakes Kick Out An Elder Church Minister For Writing A Revealing Book?

By Victor Ochieng

If you’ve ever read the book “The Sunday Morning Stick Up: What Your Pastor Doesn’t Want You To Know About Tithes,” you definitely reckon with the fact that it discloses so much about tithing. Elder Davidlee Richardson, who authored the book, shared as much as he deemed necessary to make people understand why many pastors like preaching tithes and offerings.

Unfortunately for him, the book didn’t go down well with Bishop T.D. Jakes, the leader of Potter’s House Church, where he used to fellowship. In spite of the fact that the book was such an insightful read, Jakes was so mad about it that he ordered the removal of Richardson from the church during a service.

The question many were left asking is why the book would make Jakes so agitated. Why would he be so mad yet Richardson basically talked about how many prosperity gospel preachers are using tithes and offerings to enrich themselves?

For someone who knows Jakes and his megachurch, Jakes’ stand against the book shouldn’t come as a surprise. Jakes has been referred to by many as “KING PIMP,” accusing him of enriching himself with tithes and offerings. Throughout his years in the gospel ministry, Jakes has raked in millions of dollars from tithes, offerings, and paid sermons. He also organizes conferences for his church elders and demands that they pay to attend.

According to sources, Jakes seizes every available opportunity to teach about tithing and offerings. He reportedly spends between 10 and 12 minutes to collect offerings from church members, often after sharing a touching story about someone who received blessings after giving so much to the gospel ministry.

Now you understand why Jakes wouldn’t want the success of a book like that of Richardson.

Sources intimate that Jakes charges his ministers and elders amounts to the tune of $1,100 or more to attend his two-day conferences, where he pours his blessings upon them. Because of their lowly means, some of the ministers are forced to go for Payday Loans so that they don’t miss these conferences. At times, the elders go through difficult financial times that they reach out to the church for help. Too bad for them, the answer they always receive is an emphatic “No!”

One former Potter’s House Church member revealed that for Jakes to come to preach in your church, you must pay him somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000; this is besides providing a luxurious hotel room and meals. For Jakes to come to your church, it must be big in size and have a good number of congregants. Maybe this is because he also expects to be given 50% of church offerings for that day.

Elder Richardson has categorically said Jakes has never been about winning souls over to Christ. Instead, his is about growing his worldly riches.