Is Bishop T.D. Jakes A Nigerian?

By Victor Ochieng

Bishop T.D. Jakes has officially been proven to be of Nigerian heritage. Apparently, he traced his roots carefully back to the African country; back to the Igbo ethnic group. This should have been a non-issue were it not for the controversial reputation Bishop Jakes has earned himself. What the revelation also brought to the fore is the fact that the Igbo tribe of Nigeria has their own religion and it’s not Christianity.

Pastor Ifeanyi Adefarasin, who is the wife of the Senior Pastor of House on the Rock Church in Nigeria, posted the news of Bishop Jakes on social media in a very proud tone. Her post broke the news that the American preacher was indeed from the Igbo tribe and that he’d been tracing his roots for a while. In the post was a photo of her and her husband presenting Jakes with a Nigerian gift; a copy of Nigeria Our Heritage.

She said, “Since tracing his roots back to the Igbo land in Nigeria, it was Bishop T.D. Jakes’ first time stepping on the Nigerian soil, with the knowledge that this is where he truly comes from. It was a special honour for me in particular, as a native sister, to present @bishopjakes with a copy of NIGERIA, OUR HERITAGE…OUR COMMONWEALTH. Welcome home! OKEOSISI – Umunne gi na asi gi nno.”

Despite Pastor Adefarasin being so happy about the discovery, many didn’t receive it in the same light. Many who’ve for a long time disliked Jakes’ gospel of money found the news not worthy of celebrating. Reasons being that someone who’s not evangelizing the message of the cross will only be making new grounds to establish his money-making empire.

This was the first time Jakes was in Nigeria and it also marked the time his Nigerian heritage was disclosed. This discovery comes at a time when the church has lost the trust and faith of the society, as regards to moral standards. The fall in the church that’s propagated by preachers like Jakes is a very sad and worrying reality for a society that desperately needs moral guidance back to decorum and self-restraint.