Is The Black Lives Matter Movement Demonic?

By Victor Ochieng

Black lives matter means a lot of positive things to many Black people. The movement has done a lot and has grandeur significance. Every Black person out there, and all those drawn from other races and ethnicities who believe that lives really matter, should support the movement.

It, therefore, pains to see an out of touch Black man vilifying the movement.

For people held in high esteem to be completely out of touch with what’s going on in the streets is perplexing, to say the least. Such people portray an image of individuals who aren’t ready to fight for or even support racial equality in a country that’s known for saddening racial disparities in education, healthcare and economy.

However appalling it is, it’s sickening to learn that Black pastors can take a stand to term Black Lives Matter movement as demonic. Then we’re tempted to ask: What’s demonic about it? What’s wrong with people coming forward to fight for equality when that’s exactly what God teaches us that in his eyes all men are equal?

Maybe they need to better understand what Black Lives Matter movement is. First, they should underline the fact that it isn’t demonic. These pastors should know that the movement isn’t about harming law enforcement officers. They should understand that it isn’t about making blacks greater than people of other races. And in no way does it mean that it’s only Black lives that matter.

Although everyone has their own interpretation of things, it’s outright wrong to even suggest that Black Live Matter is demonic.

If you’re a leader, an opinion leader for that matter, do justice to yourself and make sure you fully understand something before drawing conclusions and making public comments about it.

What’s noteworthy about Black Lives Matter movement is that it’s done in brilliant simplicity. It’s a movement that was born from a small but highly charged rebellion in one of the St. Louis suburbs yet it’s turned into something massive that has spread across the entire nation.

Even the ruling establishment hasn’t been able to control the movement. Police officers too have realized that it’s it isn’t something they can silence by beating up protestors or lobbyists.

So for someone to come forward and claim that the movement is demonic smacks of sheer lack of understanding. In fact, these pastors should know that the movement doesn’t only have blacks, but is multiracial and that it has let to protests in all major U.S. cities and towns, including some in which majority of dwellers are whites.