Black Republican Pastor Quits Party Because He Believes Trump Is Racist

By Victor Ochieng

A renowned Black pastor and a strong supporter of the Republican Party has decided to drop out of the party after three decades, citing President Donald Trump’s laxity in fighting against white supremacist groups yet he continues to attack Black athletes and sports personalities.

Rev. O’Neal Dozier isn’t happy with the president and, in extension, the Republican Party. He says the problem with the party is that it’s chosen to embrace Trump’s persona and is as a result no longer “the only political entity in America that could possibly reestablish God’s righteousness and decency in America.”

Besides being known as a staunch Republican Party supporter, he’s also previously come out strongly to campaign for some of the party’s candidates, including President George W. Bush and Governor Jeb Bush.

But after things changed for him with the party, he decided to write a piece, which was published by The South Florida Times, in which he explained why he was leaving the Grand Old Party. Even though he cited several different reasons for his action, on top of his list is the president’s refusal to denounce white hate outfits such as the KKK and the likes.

“Instead of denouncing these white supremacists and the likes of Richard Spencer, the White Nationalist leader, Trump decided to defend them and by doing so, he is substantiating the Democratic Party’s long-held erroneous belief that the Republican Party is racist against Black people and people of color,” Dozier wrote.

Besides Trump’s clear refusal to rebuke White supremacist groups, Dozier is also saying the president has been running a consistent attack against Black people. He mentioned the president’s attacks against Colin Kaepernick, Marshawn Lynch, Jemele Hill, and Steph Curry. He’s not happy that Trump is attacking these players while doing and saying nothing against the Ku Klux Klan in Charlottesville and Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore, who’s been accused of child molestation.

“President Trump started a fight with the NFL by calling those few players who refused to stand for the National Anthem ‘sons of b**ches.’ Everyone who doesn’t agree with him, he insults by calling them derogatory names,” Dozier continued. “President Donald Trump’s insult of those few Black players angered other players in the NFL, causing them to kneel during the National Anthem, which created a problem in the NFL where there was no real problem. Whether we agree or disagree, we all recognize that these Black players have a right to exercise their first amendment rights, including freedom of speech.”

In fact, he specifically said the president’s character is “ungodly” and blamed him for destroying the GOP, further noting that the party has “has sold its soul in support of Donald Trump in terms of morality.”