Can One Sue The Church For Damage Caused During Service?

By Victor Ochieng

A young lady, very upset with what had happened to her mother, shared a story on social media, attracting empathy from readers. The young lady shared a picture of her mother’s wounded leg, saying the leg was hurt by someone in the church. This someone hurt her mother while shouting, apparently carried away by the spirit.

This story isn’t the only one of that nature, only that maybe some aren’t that serious or aren’t shared widely. But what we know for sure is that some people who are supposedly overcome by the spirit get very physical and can either harm themselves or those around them. In fact, this is the reason why some churches have specific individuals assigned the role of catching those who fall.

In the young lady’s story, the mother’s leg was badly injured. She expected the church to at least stand with the family and help her by chipping in to help her foot her medical bills. That didn’t happen and the church instead chose to abandon her.

A similar story was shared by Ann Brock of The Old Black Church blog. During one given church service, someone in the spirit ended up falling on a chair and both the person and the chair fell on Brock’s mother, breaking her leg. That incident sent her to three months in a rehab. It happened that the church was there for her during the first week and then completely disappeared thereafter. They neither supported her financially nor gave her any other form of compensation. Yes, they totally abandoned her.

The doctors had to replace her mother’s broken bone with a metal rod so she could at least walk again. Things were even more complicated by the fact that her mother was diabetic. She’s still struggling with the leg to this very day.

This prompted Brock to seek legal redress. She was further dismayed by the fact that none of her mother’s church members were willing to testify in the case.

Worse still, the church pastor, in the disposition, lied that no one gets in the spirit of that nature in his church. Luckily, this denial was countered by a video of one of the services recorded by Brock’s uncle, showing someone caught in the spirit in a similar manner.

What are people supposed to do in such cases? Is it okay to go ahead and sue the church?

Here is why someone would contemplate suing the church. Not all such spirits exhibited during church services are clean spirits. In fact, most of these churches just have evil spirits getting jumpy in people as the service continues. The church must ensure they take full charge to ensure that no innocent congregant gets hurt during a service.