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    Former Abοrtion Facility Manager Succumbs to Guilt, Turns to Christ

    Reported by Nigel Boys John Barros, a pro-life supporter who has been reaching out to...

Some feminists claim God is a female since it was made in the image of its image like men.
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Cornerstone seniro pastor charlie stombaugh loses wife miranda schumann in a tragic crash 8 months into the marriage.
Friendship Baptist Church in Atlanta is closing its doors after 150 years.
Pope Francis will be meeting with victims of sex abuse at the Vatican.
Zimbabwe official encourages citizens to NOT use contraceptives because it retards the population.
Corinthians 6 9-10 explains why homosexuality is a different sin from other sins.
Researchers wonder if there is a deliberate attempt to put abortion clinics in black neighborhoods as nearly 80 percent of them are in this community.