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    Judge severely punished for running her ministry from the bench

    by Afiya J. Watkins In a bizarre case involving a tenured judge, the Florida Supreme...

Schools ban prayer and teach evolution which seems to be aligned with an atheist agenda.
Brian Skyz discusses why listening to unGodly music is tarnishing your soul.
Brian Skys discusses why God does not want Christians to drink.
Brian Skyz discusses 7 ways to know youve joined a cult.
Brian Skyz discusses the types of foods God does not want his children to eat.
Brian Skyz discusses the five things to know about the Methodist denomination of Christianity.
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Pastor Rudy Rasmus is being accused of taking up for Beyonce purely for financial and personal reasons.
George Aguilar former thief who vandalized churches is now an ordained minister and was forgiven by Sr pastor Nick Garland of the church he vandalized.