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    You, Too, Can Walk on Water: Part I, “We have to be prayed up…” (Podcast)

    Download the devotional audio for free on SoundCloud. Hello! This is Ayvaunn Penn of The Penn...

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Tim Lambesis who is the lead singer of the San Diego based Christian metalcore band As I Lay Dying confessed that he's an atheist.
President Obama has advanced rights for the LGBT community.
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Brian Skyz discusses whether or not Christian women should wear make up nail polish and hair extensions.
Warren Bird research director at Leadership Network interviewed 25000 megachurch members and found nine fascinating fact about them.
A Study finds that lower income people donate more money to the church than affluent people.
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Brian Skyz discussses five things to know about Baptist denomination.
Brian Skyz discusses why clergymen should not meet with female congregants alone.