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  • Corinthians 6 9-10 explains why homosexuality is a different sin from other sins.

    Is Homosexuality Becoming a ‘Different’ Sin For Society?

    Reported by Nigel Boys According to Jonathan Parnell, content strategist at, although homosëxuality is...

Researchers wonder if there is a deliberate attempt to put abortion clinics in black neighborhoods as nearly 80 percent of them are in this community.
Halle Berry discusses geriatric pregnancy on Ellen DeGeneres show.
Meriam Ibrahim is sentenced to death for denouncing Muslim Faith Her husband Daniel Wani is in New Hampshire.
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Brian Skyz discusses five ways to know if God is speaking to you.
Brian Skyz discusses whether or not you should allow anyone to pray for you.
Kemeticism to come to Harlem New York.
"Braxton Family Values" Reunion Special Taping
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Brian Skyz teaches couples how to convince their spouse to attend church.
Brian Skyz teaches Christians what to do in the event that their pastor attempts to have sex with them.