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  • Pastor Emmanuel Makandiwa demoted his brother from being a pastor following a divorce.

    Pastor’s Brother Demotes Him After Divorce

    Pastor Tawanda Makandiwa was demoted to being a regular church member following reports that he...

Eighteen states have decriminalized marijuana. Is the government getting the US acclimated to legalizing it?
Police in Stillwater, OK, are investigating embezzlement at First United Methodist Church.
Six residents spoke in opposition of the retail adult chain Condom Sense in Plano, TX.They argue the store falls under the city's sexually oriented businesses ordinance which forbid businesses of that nature from operating within 3,000 feet of churches and schools.
A 35-year-old pastor of Pentecostal Church in Kasoli, Uganda, was arrested for tying a five year old girl to an electricity pole for allegedly stealing light bulbs.
An interfaith pray-in was held on Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday to demand environmental justice by comparing King's demand for racial justice.
Texas Governor Rick Perry believes that prayer for protection is the solution to gun violence in America.
A Rochester pastor is charged with a felony for shooting and wounding his granddaughter after mistaking her for an intruder last month.
Catholic chaplain Rev. Edward Branch aims to expand the definition of the black church beyond black Baptists.
Caleb Jackson speaks during a Commemoration ceremony of the Jan 1, 1863 Emancipation Proclamation at the Harrisburg Transportation Center, which is where Bethel Village A.M.E. Church once resided.
A photograph of Bishop Larry Trotter in the tub with his granddaughter surfaced the web as people debated whether or not the picture is appropriate.