Extreme Feminist Organization Attempts to Shame Religious Organizations For Not Supporting Abοrtions

Feminist organization National Organization for Women has called for a boycott of any organizations that are against contraceptives which includes Hobby Lobby and Catholic nuns. www.allchristiannews.comReported by Nigel Boys

The U.S. feminist organization, the National Organization for Women (NOW), has included a Catholic order of nuns on their list of “The Dirty 100,” all because they don’t agree with the mandate in the Affordable Care Act to provide contraceptive coverage insurance for employees.

The organization, founded in 1966, which now has over half a million members and chapters in all U.S. states, added the Little Sisters of the Poor, along with others such as Hobby Lobby, because they filed lawsuits against the “Obamacare” mandate.

Apparently the religious institute for women, which was founded in 19th century France by St. Jeanne Jugan, operates homes to care for the needy or elderly in 31 countries throughout the world. However, this doesn’t appear to hold sway with NOW, who is one of the nation’s largest supporters of abοrtion rights.

Sister Camille Rose said in a promotional video for the order that the nuns live a life of poverty, chastity, obedience, and hospitality. She continued, “We celebrate the gift of life, the joy of living, and we care for the elderly poor. We try to make them happy in whatever way we can.”

NOW has been criticized in the past for concentrating on liberal policy issues, instead of fighting for the rights of women. They also refused to support the Iraq War and will not support women who believe in the sanctity of human life, including that of unborn children.

On their official website, NOW encourage supporters to boycott businesses, non-profit or religious organizations which refuse to violate their religious convictions by complying with the contraceptive mandate and they have compiled a list of 100 “dirty” organizations.

The Little Sister of the Poor was not the only religious organization to make it on NOW’s “dirty 100” list, others included the Priests for Life, who has campaigned against abοrtions and the deαth penalty and 12 separate Catholic diocese who refuse to comply with the “Obamacare” mandate.

However, even members of NOW have grown tired of their biased approach to feminism.

The former President of the Dallas Chapter, Deborah Watkins, left the organization in 2003 because she was tired of the “hypocrisy” and “male bashing” and founded the National Coalition for Men in Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas.