Catholic Priest Throws Out Church’s Boy Scouts After Scouts Open Doors to Homo$exuals

By Nigel Boys

The National Scouting Organization decided to freely allow openly gay youths to become members of the Boy Scouts. Father John De Celles, Catholic Priest of St. Raymond of Peñafort, Springfield, Virginia, responded to the decision by telling his local scout troops to pack up and move out.

The move by Father Celles has come as a shock to some because his superior, Pope Francis, recently declared that homos*xuals should not be marginalized by the Catholic Church and they were entitled to worship Christ, just like everyone else.

However, the Catholic priest, standing up for Biblical beliefs, has stuck to his guns and allowed a new organization, the Trail Life USA, to replace the Boy Scout troops.

The reason for the priest’s decision is because Trail Life USA uphold the Biblical view that homos*xuality is a sin in the eyes of God and will not allow those who are openly gay to join their organization.

The Boy Scouts Association should not be surprised at being thrown out of St. Raymond’s, because the priest declared his intentions over a year ago, should the association vote to admit openly homos*xual members.

On the official website of the church, Father Celles had posted that homos*xuals were in “perverted relationships” and he would tolerate no more compromise with what he believed to be a doctrine of Satan.

Although many people believe the same way as Father Celles, the impact on the Boy Scouts of America has not been as severe as some expected.

At first it seemed like the Archbishop of Arlington, Virginia, Paul Loverde, might join with Father Celles in boycotting the Boy Scouts because he declared that he was “highly disappointed” with the decision of the organization to accept openly gay members.

However, possibly due to pressure from other Catholic leaders, Loverde has not made further comment and even presided over the annual “Scout Mass” in February this year.

Loverde could also have been swayed from opposing the decision of the Boy Scouts organization after Pope Francis declared, referring to homos*xuals, that “If they accept the Lord and have goodwill, who am I to judge them?”

However, with the Boy Scouts ban on openly gay members serving as adult leaders remaining in place, many expect more demonstrations from the gay community to force their way of life on others in the future.