CeCe Winans Can’t “come to grips” With God-Daughter Bobbi Kris’ Death

Cece.By Michal Ortner

CeCe Winans, the godmother of Bobbi Kristina, says that she still finds it difficult to believe that her goddaughter has passed away. She found it heartbreaking that she died in such a similar fashion to her mother, Whitney Houston.

“I don’t think there’s any words to describe a loss like that. I still can’t believe it. At the same time, I guess you’re just not surprised when drugs are involved in anybody’s life,” Winans stated to “The Blade.”

“Most of the time it doesn’t turn out well. I pray for the family. I still can’t believe Whitney’s gone, but now to see that Bobbi Kris is gone too … you just can’t even come to grips with it.”

According to the gospel artist who sang “His Strength is Perfect” at Bobbi Kristina’s memorial service, dependence on God is the only way to cope with such a tragedy.

“When you hear and see things like [mass shootings at Columbine, New Town and Oregon], it lets you know how bad we need our faith. Without faith we’re not going to make it,” Winans said. “We need God real bad. That would be my response. Don’t lose your faith [in the face of tragedy]. Find it.”

During the tragic events leading up to Bobbi Kristina’s passing, the Winans’ always urged people to turn to the Lord in prayer and always trusted that a miracle could take place if God willed it.

“Bobbi Kristina is my godchild, CeCe’s goddaughter,” BeBe Winans stated back in March. “Whitney and us were very, very close. My children were Whitney’s godchildren. It’s very difficult.”

“It’s family,” BeBe said. “So we do all that we can, coming down-CeCe’s been down there constantly. And we’re just praying. That’s what we know to do. We believe in miracles and so it’s very, very difficult.”

“It’s hard to even imagine, it really is,” he said. “You know, Whitney, it’s someone like my brother Ronald who passed — I think of her every day. And you just want the best for Bobbi Kristina, so we ask everyone to continue to pray that a miracle does happen, and that’s what we need.”

The Winans family still grieve over the loss of Whitney and Bobbi Kristina, but in the midst of that grief, they continue to point to faith in God for answers.