What! A Charlotte Pastor Runs Away With Close To Half A Million Dollars Belonging To Other People

By Victor Ochieng

A Charlotte prosperity gospel preacher is on the run after allegedly receiving close to half a million dollars of other people’s money. The pastor is always known for keeping a high profile in Charlotte. He marched alongside other renowned church leaders during the Keith Scott protests and showed solidarity with other gospel ministers during the ‘kneel in’ during the Panthers games in October of last year.

The pastor, Kerby McLean, owns a Charlotte-based financial services company called KDM Ventures. According to documents obtained by Whistleblower 9, the pastor last year received up to $450,000 from some of his company’s clients. Unfortunately, now these clients can’t trace him and they’ve come out to accuse him of disappearing with their money.

Dr. Mike Scruggs, Senior Pastor of a growing church in Cincinnati, lamented that his church had given the runaway pastor $100,000.

“Yes, as an initial down payment to put the funding process together,” he explained.

Scruggs noted that the money had been raised by his church towards the purchase of a building and it was transferred to McLean’s company to fund a loan. Ten months after the money was given to McLean, the church is crying out that McLean hasn’t lived up to his promise.

“Ultimately, we want our money back,” said Scruggs.

Yes, all the victims want their money back. Sadly though, they’ve not been able to find McLean.

Whistleblower 9 took the initiative to try to trace McLean. They found a decent website that features the pastor and linked him to a church whose address and financial documents aren’t the same as the one McLean used. They managed to find the church in an old strip mall located in north Charlotte. However, McLean wasn’t there.

There are no signs the pastor preachers in that church or anywhere else regularly. Whistleblower 9 spoke with the owner of the building housing the church and the owner revealed that he’d been “working on a contract for him to purchase the building and that never happened.”

Whistleblower 9 then went to McLean’s social media account posts to see if he’d shared anything that would provide leads. All they found out was that not long after McLean had received money from the victims, he posted a photo of himself smiling next to a Mercedes Benz parked in front of a mansion. He also shared some photos of his BMW.

After much digging, Whistleblower 9 managed to get through to McLean and had an interview with him last Thursday. He promised to return the money, lamenting that he’d been a victim of a financial scam.