Christian Groups Defend Mom Who Beat Her Son After Being Caught in a Homos*xual Act with a Relative

by Nigel Boys,

A Texas woman opened the door of her 15 year-old son’s bedroom and had a tremendous shock. She found him engaged in oral s*x with her 18 year-old cousin. She immediately began whipping her son with an electrical cord.

Erica Moore of Forest Hill, a suburb of Fort Worth, now faces assault charges because of the beating she gave her son.

Moore says she was checking on her kids and saw that her 15 year-old son’s bedroom door was closed. When she opened the door she says, “When I walked in I saw my son, it was just disgusting to me, the way he was looking and my cousin was looking, and my cousin immediately ran out the door.” She went on to say, “So that was my reaction because it disgusted me. They were committing a homos**ual act in my house and we are totally against that.”

The grandmother of Moore’s son took him to the hospital with marks and cuts on his torso, hands, arms and thighs. Hospital staff became concerned. It soon emerged that the marks were from a beating his mother had given him because she caught him in a homos**ual act.

Child Protective Services followed up and Moore was arrested and charged with assault. She now faces charges of assault with bodily injury to a family member, and could face prison time if convicted, according to the report.

Moore said that, “The police department told me that it was consensual.” She went on to say that the officer told her that had it been him in that situation he would have probably shot them both. But, according to Moore, the law says you can’t whoop your child.  As a result, this mom might go to prison.

Chief Dan Dennis with the Forest Hill Police Department, however, denied that such a conversation took place between the officer and Moore. Dennis said that the conversation was recorded and the officer’s conduct was professional.

However,Moore does have some support. The Rev. Kyev Tatum, the president of the Texas Southern Christian Leadership Conference (TSCLC) is asking the district attorney to drop the charges against Moore.

“I have known Sister Erica for many years and she did what we teach every good God fearing mother should do when their children disobey there rules, values and standards. Texas Penal Code 9.61 gives her the legal rights and the Holy Bible gives her the religious rights to discipline her child the best way she knows how,” Tatum said



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