Christian Leaders Pray Over Donald Trump’s Presidential Run and Over His Family

Trump-PrayerBy Michal Ortner

Several name of Christian leadership were present in a video that is going viral online. Those present such as Dr. David Jeremiah, Jan Crouch, Paula White, Kenneth Copeland, and Robert Jeffries, are seen laying hands on Donald Trump and praying for his possible Presidential term.

It is believed that over 30 Christian leaders met with Trump on Monday in order to advise him. The meeting, which is estimated to have lasted over 2 hours, included several prosperity preachers and televangelists. Added to those already listed are names like Steve Munsey, Clarence McClendon, and Jentzen Franklin.

The last of the meeting was captured on video and shows the leaders surrounding Trump and lifting him in prayer.

“Father, we just secure him right now by the blood of Jesus. We thank you that no weapon formed against him will be able to prosper and any tongue that rises against him will be condemned according to the word of God,” New Destiny Christian Center in Florida leader, Paula White, prayed while clutching his arm.

“Even as we lay hands on him right now, let Your hand be laid upon him. Let him have a greater encounter with You, a greater encounter with the spirit of God,” she adds. “All the days of his life, let him live well. I secure him. I secure his children. I secure his calling and his mantle.”

“[W]e ask you today to give this man your wisdom, boldly. Make sure and certain that he hears You. Manifest Yourself to him,” he prayed. “And we thank You and praise You for a bold man, a strong man and an obedient man,” Kenneth Copeland, who leads Kenneth Copeland Ministries in Texas, prayed.

Several others chimed in, praying for success and wisdom over Trump. Not all Christian leaders feel that Trump is a good choice. Russell Moore, the president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, says that Trump’s time spent with prosperity preachers is concerning.

“The people that Trump has so far identified as his evangelical outreach are mostly prosperity gospel types, which are considered by mainstream evangelicals to be heretics,” Moore shared with “Politico.”

“Trump seems to be positioning himself as a secular version of the health-and-wealth televangelists,” he continued. “What Donald Trump is doing in terms of promises for the future is very similar to what’s going on among these prosperity gospel hawkers.”