Why Was A Christian Man Brutally Attacked In Pakistan By Two Extreme Muslims?

By Victor Ochieng

A Christian man died a horrifying death after two extremist Muslims hacked him to death after he tried to stop Muslim drug dealers from negatively influencing Christian children, reports British Pakistani Christian Association.

Earlier in the month, Nazeer Masih, a Christian believer, was busy at work in Pakistani fields when he was approached by two men “armed with a chopping knife and iron rod attacked him cutting straight through his face and slicing open his throat.”

Christian Today reported that some Christians later took Masih’s lifeless body to the nearby GT Road, one of Asia’s oldest roads.

“Before and after our church services Muslim drug dealers swarm around our church trying to sell drugs to our vulnerable youth,” a local pastor, Alfred Azam, said. “When our older men tell these criminals to leave our young people alone, they get killed.”

BCPA didn’t report of any arrests having been made by the Pakistani authorities, although the assailants were identified by a witness.

BPCA Chairman Wilson Chowdry expressed his concerns with the drug situation in the country, saying, “The problem of drug addiction in Christian communities is a rising concern. The coercing of vulnerable Christians and other minority youth into drug addiction, often by force, has developed wealthy Muslim drug lords who continue to target such vulnerable communities.”  

Chowdy notes that through their illegal activities, the drug dealers have marshaled wealth, giving the enormous power, “often with authority over police forces who turn a blind eye to their crimes on the offer of rishwat (bribes).”

The effect is a series of killings being executed by the drug dealers without much being done to arrest the situation.

“This influence to murder without impunity is devastating for Christians and must be met with the full force of the law for the sake of justice,” Chowdy said. “It is high time the government of Pakistan set up a specialist task force to crack down on the drug cartels that have destroyed so many lives.”

The growing influence by the drug lords and their extremist acts put the lives of many Christians, among other citizens at risk. Their influence within the police ranks has made it almost impossible for the society to report them or stand on their way for fear of being attacked.

If normalcy is to be restored, the government must come forward and decisively act on these rogue citizens.