Gay Co-Worker Solicits Christian Colleague’s Opinion About Homosëxualtiy, Gets Her Fired

Reported by Nigel Boys

Christian nursery nurse Sarah Mbuyi was fired after telling her coworker that homosexuality is a sin. www.allchristiannews.comAlthough last week U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron said  that he is a Christian who believes that British people should show more confidence in their faith and get out there and evangelize, he appears to have his own views on what Christianity is all about, which don’t coincide with Biblical teachings.

If Cameron really was eager to stand up for Christians, he would have stepped in to save the job of Sarah Mbuyi, a Christian nursery nurse who was fired because she referenced Biblical viewpoints when a gay colleague asked her about the practice of  homosëxuality.

According to Mbuyi, the gay colleague had realized she was a practicing Christian and decided to inquire what she thought about the gay lifestyle. Speaking only the truth, Mbuyi told her colleague, although the Lord loved gays and would accept them if they came to Him, the Bible still regards homosëxuality as being a sin.

However, the conversation didn’t turn out to be as casual as it could have been because Mbuyi was reported to management at Newpark Childcare in Highbury, North London, and was consequently brought before a disciplinary hearing.

During the hearing, Mbuyi was confronted by her manager over what she told her gay colleague, but she had not been given the chance to prepare her defense beforehand. She adds that the whole procedure was very one sided and believes they had decided to fire her even before the hearing.

According to Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Center who is defending Mbuyi, by their inaction to intervene in this case, the government has shown a distinct lack of respect for the beliefs of Christian citizens. She adds that although Cameron professes to be a practicing Christian and supports their convictions, he is showing that he thinks he can “mould Christianity to his political agenda.”

Williams went on to say that since Cameron has pushed through same-gender marriages, he is ignoring the rights of the Christian community in favor of homosëxuals. She continued, “Any dissent in the public space, in the workplace, to the new prevailing orthodoxy means punishment as Sarah is experiencing.”

According to the gay colleague, Mbuyi was the one who first brought up the subject of homosëxuality, but Mbuyi denies she started the conversation and claims that it was the other way round.