Christianity Faces Serious Decline In The UK

By Victor Ochieng

A new report reveals that the number of Christians in the United Kingdom is dropping at an alarming rate, with 26 Christians abandoning the faith for every single atheist or agnostic who converts to the faith.

The Benedict XVI Center for Religion and Society, an initiative of the St. Mary’s University in Twickenham, recently published a study report based on statistics provided by the latest British Social Attitudes survey and European Social Survey. Besides clearly highlighting the serious drop in Christianity, it also became apparent that the UK is fast becoming secularized.

The research team found out that a total of 24.3 million people, which translates to 48.6% of all adults in the UK, said in 2015 that they’re “nones,” with the group mainly comprising of young, white males.

Interestingly, those who identified as “nones” were actually brought up in different faith backgrounds. Of the group, 38% were brought up as “nones,” 25% as Anglicans, 25% as Other Christians, and 11% as Catholics before they abandoned their respective faiths.

“For every one person brought up with No religion who has become a Christian, twenty-six people brought up as Christians now identify as Nones,” the study found out in a trend that’s likely to worry Christians who’re not comfortable with the fast rate of secularization going on in the country.

“It is no secret that a large proportion of the British population consider themselves to have no religion,” wrote Stephen Bullivant, professor of Theology and the Sociology of Religion. Bullivant is also director of the Benedict XVI Centre for Religion and Society at St. Mary’s University.

“This has been a consistent finding of polls, social surveys, and censuses over the past several decades. In fact, the rise of the nonreligious is arguably the story of British religious history over the past half-century.”

According to reports, Christians, including Roman Catholics, Anglicans, as well as other Christian denominations, made up 67% of the UK population in 1983. However, that number has drastically fallen so badly that in 2015, the proportion of Christians in the country stood at 43%.

Surprisingly, inner London had the least number of “nones” in the country, although that was attributed to the fact that the area attracts a higher number of immigrants and hosts a growing population of non-Christians. A total of 28% of those living in inner London said they’re members of a non-Christian religion, a percentage higher than that of any other individual Christian denomination.