Why Christians Behave Like Secular People; They Have Pre-Marital $ex and Live-in-Lovers

By Nigel Boys

According to a new study, from the online dating site, Christian Mingle, in conjunction with the Jewish dating site, JDate, religiously minded people are not following Biblical teachings when it comes down to premarital s*x and cohabitation.

When researchers for the study asked Christians if they would have s*x before getting married, 61% of them said that they would, contrary to what scripture tells them about the virtues of saving oneself for marriage.

Family Research Council fellow for policy studies, Peter Sprigg, said that Christians today appear to be more interested in doing what others are doing around them in the world than actually listening and obeying what it tells them to do in the Word of God.

Sprigg went on to say that online dating sites for Christians can become a trap for those who wish to obey scripture, because, although they believe they are mixing with like minded people, they could be influenced to turn away from Biblical principles.

The study also showed that 56% of Christians believe that it is perfectly normal to cohabit with their partner before committing to a long term relationship, again contrary to what the Bible teaches.

Another 59% of Christians do not believe that the man should be head of the house and think that it’s appropriate for the woman to be the main breadwinner in the family.

One of the surprising finds of the report, in complete contradiction with Scripture, is that 34% of Christians don’t believe that they have to marry someone of the same faith, although they admitted that it would be preferable.

Relationship expert and licensed psychotherapist, Rachel Sussmann, said that when it comes to making decisions about s*xual matters, even the most strong Biblically minded people tend to do whatever feels right to them instead of relying on the Bible for guidance.

On the subject of couples having premarital s*x, Sussmann said, “Oftentimes couples find this as something personal between the two of them.” She continued “Even if the church frowns on this behavior, they take it upon themselves to make an educated decision between the two of them.”

The relationship expert continued that she believes that one of the main reasons couples ignore Biblical teachings when it comes to s*xual behavior is because pastors are afraid to teach them the truth about what the Word of God has to say on the matter.