Christians Calling For Cancellation of Lifetime’s “Blasphemous” Reality Show

preachBy Evette D. Champion

There is no denying that reality television has become a staple for many networks’ lineups. There is likely not one channel on television that does not have one form of reality programming. There are dating shows where one person is set before a bevy of eligible singles and they must choose “the one,” and then there are survival competitions where the contestants will do whatever it takes to “survive” the challenges placed before them to the viewers’ entertainment. There are also the reality shows that follow a group of people around and show the viewer how they live.

One thing that all of these reality shows have in common is drama. Some shows have more of it than others, and you can usually spot the shows that will be around for a while by how much conflict there is between the “characters.”

Let’s use the “Real Housewives” franchise that is on Bravo as an example. There are numerous different versions: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, New York, Miami, Atlanta, New Jersey, and who knows what other incarnation will come out next! The women on these shows display a certain level of classlessness that some of us may not expect from well-to-do women. If you’ve ever watched any of these shows, you will see that the women are usually catty, violent, and spew venom—usually directly at the other castmates.

Lifetime has taken a new approach on this type of reality television and have created a show called “Preach,” where cameras follow powerful women in religious organizations. Perhaps Lifetime wanted to show strong and influential women being successful and even inspirational in a male-dominated sector. It sounds innocent enough, but many critics have already gotten together to stop the show.

Thousands of Christian viewers have taken their dissatisfaction and disgust with the show to the Internet. Commenters have stated that the show is “Blasphemous reality TV” and that the women the cameras follow make the Christian faith look foolish.

With so much disgust for the show, the viewers have created a petition on urging people to sign so that the show can be cancelled. If the network does not cancel the show, the petition urges Christian viewers to band together and boycott the network until “Preach” is off the air.

“The IMAGERY on this show is a TRAVESTY to the Christian Community. The women aka Prophetesses are making a MOCKERY of the church and promoting foolish behavior that is not necessarily a true representation of the REAL power of God,” the petition reads. “Please show the Lifetime TV Network that the Christian Community is ENORMOUS and IF they fail to acquiesce to our request to CANCEL THIS SHOW we will band together and BOYCOTT THE NETWORK!!!”

So far, over 10,000 people have given their support to the cause. Now, all the petition needs is about 5,000 more signatures to reach their goal of 15,000.

“Preach” is currently set to premier on June 5.


Watch the “Preach” trailer below.  Will you be signing the petition?


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