Church Deacon Defends Man Who Attempted to Kidnap Two Boys

.Reported by Ashley Naples

Church members in Sacramento were forced to tackle a man in the church parking lot after his alleged attempt to kidnap two boys. According to Sacramento police, 34-year-old Paul Nelson (pictured) was charged with kidnapping and resisting arrest.

The choir director at Calvary Christian Center, Frank Yee, stated:

“He can’t take our children. As Christians, we can’t be punks about justice. We have to stand up and do what is right.”

According to reports, the children were “playing near a picnic area” in the church’s parking lot. Due to choir practice and a birthday party, there were a lot of families present during the incident. Yee explained that, with the help of a few others, Nelson was stopped before he got the chance to run away with the boys. They held Nelson until police arrived.

Sacramento police officer Justin Brown stated:

“We are lucky the suspect did not get away with these children. They were very small children and the suspect could have easily run a little bit faster to get away with the children.”

One church member believed the suspect was under the influence of something, explaining that the look on his face after being captured was complete “evilness.” He also stated that Nelson was not a member of the church, but would often come around and pray with members of the church.

One member had a separate experience with Nelson just minutes before the incident happened. Here’s what they said:

“I just seen him as a homie in need of some love. I prayed with him for about 10, 15 minutes and then we went our ways.”

The member explained that he brought the agitated Nelson into a prayer group on Saturday afternoon before the incident happened.

Other members say that they have seen Nelson around the church for a few weeks. Some have even grown to know the suspect, showing signs of surprise when finding out what he had done.

“He is raising his own son, he is not going to go steal someone else’s kids. That is a good man, that is a good brother,” said Deacon George Smith, who has tried to get Nelson to join the church.

Another member added, “He tried to run with two babies, he had to be out of his mind.”

Since, the church has stepped up security to ensure a similar incident won’t happen. They are dedicated to their youngest members and don’t want anyone to get hurt.

The two boys, the victims of the incident, are safe and sound with their families.