Church Mourns After Pastor’s Son Admits He Stabbed His Father To Death 

father son pastorBy Michal Ortner

San Leandro police have arrested a man for the suspicion that he is responsible for fatally stabbing his father to death on Valentines weekend. Isaiah Bostic, 21-years-old, was found at the scene of the crime, covered in blood. The pastor of the Menlo Park church was stabbed multiple times, resulting in his death.

Teman Bostic Sr., 54-years-old, is remembered as a kind man who led the congregation of Mount Olive Apostolic Original Holy Church of God. Church members are shocked by the murder.

“He was a very nice guy,” India Mentoyer, an acquaintance of the victim said. “Very happy with his kids so I don’t understand exactly what happened.”

Police were alerted by the neighbors of Bostic when they said they heard screams and someone yelling that they didn’t want to die. By the time that authorities arrived, the pastor was already unresponsive due to the multiple stab wounds that were inflicted on him.

The 21-year-old son was standing near his father’s body when police arrived. The father was found in his bedroom and a bloody knife was discovered in the kitchen sink. The son had been living at home with his father and is the primary suspect in the case. He was immediately arrested and taken into custody.

A case has been filed against the pastor’s son by the Almeda County District Attorney’s Office.

“With heavy hearts we announce the untimely passing of our father, and pastor, Bishop Teman L. Bostic Sr.,” the church announce in a Facebook post. “He evangelized nationally and internationally. He will be greatly missed. We are soliciting your prayers during our time of great loss.”

“He was warmhearted and warm-spirited, a joy to be around,” said Pastor Apostle Ross Garrison Jr. and longtime friend of Bostic. “You couldn’t get none better than this real disciple of Jesus Christ.”

According to police detective, Michael Benz, the pastor’s son chose to waive any rights to a lawyer and “confessed to the stabbing and killing of his father.”

During his pre-trial, Isaiah Bostic was asked if he understood all that he was being accused of and he simply responded, “Ok” to the judge. He is currently being held in jail with no bond and will enter into the plea portion of his trial at a nearby date.