Should Churchgoers Still Dress Their Best When Attending Services?

By Victor Ochieng

There was a time when going to church meant dressing our best. It wasn’t just about how stylish an outfit was, but also how decent it was. The main reason why people used to do that was that they considered the church a holy place. Somehow this trend started changing and people started dressing casually in church, not minding so much what kind of message their outfits would send.

Lately, there has been a widespread online conversation about what proper church outfit should be. In the discussion, people are having mixed opinions, with some saying it doesn’t really matter how one dresses when they go to church, as long as someone they are wearing something.

If you look at today’s church, it appears like dressing for the church no longer exists. Moreover, pastors also appear not to be concerned about how their congregants dress. We see women and men dressing inappropriately in church yet nothing is being done about it; pastors aren’t rebuking them; church leaders are silent on how congregants are supposed to dress up. The other thing is that churches are busy looking for numbers and as such fear defining decent outfits for the congregants, fearing that members are likely to move to other churches.

The bottom line is that many pastors are keen on getting enough money to pay bills, finance their lavish lifestyles and sort out a couple other things. They, therefore, don’t want to uphold biblical standards that they believe would see some members quitting.

The most affected lot is the youth. Churches consider them very attractive. They’re energetic, they make the church lively, and, for those who are working, they’re offering great financial support.

Should we compromise the gospel simply because we want to maintain high numbers? What’s the whole essence of going to church if we’re not keen on meeting God’s standards?

One user on TheOldBlackChurch Blog said, “If someone came to church in a bathing suit and NO ONE took the person aside, meaning the deacons or elders. Then that would be my last day of being a member. That person would be a distraction to the other members!!” and quoted 1 Corinthians 8:9, which says, “But take heed lest by any means this liberty of yours become a stumbling block to them that are weak!!”

The church must change her ways; the church must start rebuking those who don’t dress appropriately. We can’t have women going to church in annoyingly short dresses; we can’t have men dressing in some women-like attires to church.

Let’s strictly dress in a manner that glorifies God; let’s be the light to the world.