College Student Chronicles the Agonizing Experience of Giving Her Baby Up for Adoption

Callie Mitchel first found out she was pregnant last March. She and her boyfriend first though they would keep the child and begin a family.  However, two months later, Callie decided to give up the baby for adoption. This was brought about after her boyfriend left her after questioning who the father of the baby was.

Photography student, Callie, decided to chronicle her pregnancy right up to birth. Her photo essay is featured in the college paper The Daily Iowan.

Her boyfriend at first suggested she give up the child for adoption but Callie said, ‘I can’t have a baby be a part of me and give it up. I can’t give up a piece of me.’

She later had a change of heart after talking with her mother and got in touch with an adoption agency called Graceful Adoptions.

In July she changed her mind again and thought of keeping the baby, “I want to tell him every day I love him,” she writes. But after telling her boyfriend they had a fight and she then decided it would be better to give the baby up for adoption.

In August last year she decided on a couple named Kristen and Brian, who matched her profile for prospective parents.

As her pregnancy develops she is forced to cut back the hours she works as a waitress and to lessen her time at the Daily Iowan.

In November she writes that she is suffering from the baby’s constant kicking and she misses being ‘skinny,’ she misses ‘exercise’ and she says ‘I’m excited to get my life back.’

On December 6 she gives birth to her son, Leo. She had decided months before that the adoptive parents should be the first to hold him, so they did so.

Kristen and Brian write, ‘He’s part of our family, and we involve him in everything we do. It’s hard to remember life before he was here.’

Callie says that since Kristen and Brian adopted Leo, they’ve kept in touch through emails, pictures, and videos. The family lives in Ohio, and Callie is planning a visit next month to visit Leo and his family.

Kristen and Callie plan to get matching tattoos in honor of him.


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