Comedy Duo Focused On Turning Your Nerdy Pastor Into A Hipster Preacher Through Their Upcoming “Swag Seminary” Film

By Victor Ochieng

The hilarious duo, John Crist and Aaron Chewning, known for their funny viral videos like Church Hunters, has released a promotional video for their soon to be released “Swag Seminary.”

In the clip, it’s clear that the kind of fashion they’re promoting, the crash course in pop culture that they’re sharing and their pastor-themed promotion of vitamin supplements are a clear indication that they’re out to turn that nerdy pastor of yours into an evident hipster theologian.

They basically want to make your pastor more relevant in today’s world, where young people are running away from the church because they feel the church is too conservative and blind to their needs.

Many people who’ve commented on the video say that even though it’s a sad depiction, it’s true. It’s a clear show of what’s really happening in some churches already, except that pastors are trying as much as possible to strike a balance between the older generation and the younger generation.

The piece is written by John Crist and directed by Aaron Chewning. It’s already drawing so much attention that it’s believed that so many people are going to want to watch it when it finally hits the screens.

Through a Facebook post in which he shared the video, Crist, wrote, “Is your pastor outdated and falling behind on trends? We can help! Introducing SWAG SEMINARY!”

It got so many Facebook users excited that by the time of writing this article, it had already attracted more than 1.5 million views, more than 15k shares, and more than 3.5 comments.

One user by the name David Netzorg, who said he’s a pastor, commented on the video, saying, “You really have your finger on the pulse of the 21/st Century American Church. I love the way you expose our serious faults in a humorous way. It’s really, really fun and at the same time convicting and/or confirming. As a pastor, it’s hard not to buy into all these techniques to grow your church and to remain faithful to God’s Word and trust Christ to build His Church instead of us pastors trying to do it in our own strength through lame, manipulative strategies. Yeah, you’re killin’ it, bro. Keep up the good work.”

Another person who wasn’t happy with the idea of the video commented, saying, “I thank the Lord for a church that doesn’t compromise. It is never about the numbers. The Lord will give the increase. This is a sad reality for most Christian churches.”

The truth of the matter is that the piece is going to convict many of today’s churches in spite of the fact that more people are going to focus on the comic behind it.