Congressman Reveals God’s Plan for the Federal Reserve


By Michal Ortner

Brad Sherman, a Democratic Congressman out of California, told a congressional committee that God has His own specific plans for the Federal Reserve. According to the politician, God has voiced His desires over the possible decision by the Reserve to raise interest rates.

“God’s plan is not for things to rise in the autumn. As a matter of fact, that’s why we call it fall. Nor is it God’s plan for things to rise in winter, through the snow. God’s plan is that things rise in the spring. So if you want to be good with the almighty, you might want to delay until May,” Sherman stated.

Mark Woods of Christian Today has called the congressman’s remarks “the weirdest contribution to policy-making of any politician ever.”

“Millions of birds migrate in the winter. Every winter, governments around the world should let millions of migrants in. After all, they’ll be gone in the spring,” Woods quipped.

Chairwoman Janet Yellen, who was on the receiving end of Sherman’s comments, said that he made “a large number of very good points” and provided her with “many relevant considerations that the committee is trying to weigh.”

During the summer, Sherman went before the committee to suggest that  “spring is when things naturally are risen. It’s when plants come out of the ground. It’s a better time than winter.”

The same day, at his presentation at the November committee meeting, he tweeted “Urged Janet Yellen not to raise interest rates now. God’s plan is things rise in spring, not winter.”

“Don’t actually think God has an opinion on monetary policy, but if She did, She would agree that the FOMC shouldn’t increase rates in winter,” he wrote in another November 4 Tweet.

When asked if the congressman’s remarks were in reference to the Bible, his spokesman, Ben Fishel said that he was making more of a “seasonal” reference.

“It was tongue in cheek,” he said. “I guess he was trying to be funny.”

Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer, a Republican out of Missouri, said it’s “always interesting” when Sherman shares his perspective.

“I’ve never heard of God’s plan for the seasons correlated to the Fed’s plan to raise interest rates,” he said. “I enjoyed the discussion.”