Dallas Pastor Tanya Baker Rallies Against Having Side Chicks

By Victor Ochieng

God is calling upon men to restrain from having side chicks, says Dallas Pastor Tanya Baker. For those who don’t know, side chick is a term informally used to refer to a mistress or any other woman having an affair with a man who’s already in a serious relationship with another woman.

Plainly put, it’s adultery!

That’s what Pastor Baker is speaking strongly against. Baker, who claims to have God-given ability to screen the lives of others, says she’s making use of that gift to save marriages by strongly speaking against having side chicks.

Why would she come out so strongly against it? For one, it’s a sin. Secondly, it damages families, hurts people and, in some cases, subjects children to traumatizing experiences.

To those who know what marriage is; the idea of settling down and starting a family, having kids and bringing them up to be responsible people, is a Godly sacrament that no one should interfere with. We saw model Roni Rose’s shameless offer to Steph Curry when he was playing against Cleveland in last year’s NBA Playoffs. We all decried the IG model who destabilized Carmelo and Lala Anthony’s sweet marriage. All these show us how some people aren’t holding back their lust even towards those already taken. It also shows how much damage it can do to a marriage.

Yes, these are some of the reasons why Pastor Baker isn’t about to dampen her quest to have men respect their commitments. We know there are many other people across the globe who also believe that marriage is a holy lifelong bond that should be nurtured and jealously protected.

Baker, who originally hails from Milwaukee, has been in Dallas since 2002. She’s married to Bobby Baker, who’s been their church bishop for 17 solid years. Pastor Baker knows what side chicks can do to the affected partner, herself having been in a relationship in which her partner physically abused her and cheated. She’s not happy with the casual manner in which these side meals are being treated and that’s why she’s fully out to have the society regain its senses and accord marriage the respect and honor it deserves.

“We need to stop glorifying this thing and speak that this isn’t OK,” Baker insists. “I think social media and ignorance has made this thing cute — and it’s not. And that’s what’s caused me to push this through.”

Her spirited crusade against side chicks kicked off some weeks back when she uploaded a video of herself ranting against those who partake of it.

The idea behind Baker’s campaign is to use psychological and biblical principles as she employs a private spiritual life coaching approach to help those affected.