Deitrick Haddon calls out TD Jakes, but some are calling Haddon’s behavior irresponsible


By Victor Ochieng

There is no doubt that Deitrick Haddon is a pretty blunt celebrity preacher. Haddon, whose life has had a good share of rough patches, feels that preachers should be more open about themselves.

HipHopHollywood reported that he threw a challenge at other men of the cloth and said, “If you are a real person, if you are bringing it for real, you shouldn’t be afraid of this show. Open up your doors, Bishop Jakes! Open up your doors, Creflo Dollar. Open up your doors, Bishop Morton!”

The 42-year-old, who stars in and produces the Oxygen network’s megahit, “Preachers of L.A.,” believes he shouldn’t be criticized for becoming a reality star and that it would be great if more celebrity preachers starred in their own shows.

“Preachers of L.A” first debuted in October of 2013. According to Haddon, doing a reality show is not only a “great way to reach an even larger audience” but also offers the public a chance to intimately know the pastors. He boasts that this is the reason why the show is so successful.

However, he has had a tiff with other men of the cloth who are apparently not as passionate as he is about his philosophy.

Rev. James C. Perkins, the pastor of Greater Christ Baptist Church in Detroit, criticized Haddon’s show on last year.

“I don’t think the show represents the best of the Black church tradition,” Perkins told BET. “The downside is that people often paint all pastors with a broad brush and, after watching this show, they may well begin to associate all pastors with those behaviors. There are many pastors who are out here serving the people and not just serving themselves.”

Haddon had previously bared himself in the show, confessing that he has blundered in his personal life and had fallen from grace.

He had abandoned the church he at one time pastored in Detroit and plunged into a life of pleasure in Los Angeles. He also talked about fathering his first daughter out of wedlock, explaining that that is all buried behind him. He said that after persistent turmoil and criticism, he feels grounded once again.

A few years back, there were shock waves in the gospel music world following revelations that Haddon and his wife of 15 years, Damita, had quietly divorced and that he was expecting a child with his current wife and former mistress, Domonique.

His concern is that pastors feel that they are just supposed to show people Jesus, and not their downside — their humanity.

“[The people] have the right to know the real you. I’m not saying you are going to get two worlds because it should be consistent with what you are preaching about,” the controversial star said.

Haddon specifically threw the challenge to Bishop T.D. Jakes, who dismissed it. According to Jakes, he has no time to do reality TV.

“I’m a little bit busy; I’m doing movies; I’m doing television; I’ve done talk shows. I’ve pastored to 30,000 people. I think my plate is full,” was Jakes reply with a smile.