A Detailed And Touching Letter To Church Leaders On “We Won’t Join Your Church”

By Victor Ochieng

When one is born and bred in a Christian family, he or she gets to love the church, participate in all church activities and dedicate all to serving Christ. However, at a later age, we begin to make our own decisions as to whether to continue in the service or not. A letter posted on Facebook touched on two groups of people who end up leaving the church. One group is called “dones.” This is characterized by people above the age of 40, who, though are believers in Christ Jesus, are completely detached from the church.

In that very letter, Elexio Baillous talked of another group, which he referred to as a “sect” of Christians. This comprises of young people in their 20s and 30s. These are young people who served in LORD zealously, but, despite all the commitments, are no longer interested in being part of the church.

Their message to the church is: “We Won’t Join Your Church.”

1. Tired of fruitless programs – This group got fed up with revivals, conferences, meetings, and seminars that only worked to take care of the church budget but yielded no spiritual benefits. As young people, they were always kept busy; doing all the church wanted them to do, only to learn later that their efforts were not yielding any fruits.

2. Saw honesty in scriptures than the lives of leaders – One day this group decided to open the Bible and read through the scriptures only to realize that most of the things the religious leaders taught were dotted with an error. Even though the group believes the church leaders may not have done it all intentionally, the fact that they taught them to take their word as gospel truth raised eyebrows after the leaders’ hypocrisy. The leaders failed to walk and grow with the sheep, and, as such, “we’re not joining your church.”

3. Brothers and sisters we trusted failed us – When we came to church and were introduced to a new brotherhood and sisterhood, we didn’t expect them to be perfect. However, the fact that they often chose to become our enemies when it served their personal selfish interests has driven us, we decided that “we’re not joining your church.”

4. We grew your dreams as ours diminished – This is the group that chose to work tirelessly in the church, believing they were serving God. Unfortunately, all the service and labor benefited only the church leadership. As such, “we’re not joining your church.”

5. We watched you exalt family and close friends at the expense of faithful servants – It hurt us, but because we believed you were guided by the Holy Spirit, we kept quiet. You spent our resources and time to exalt your family members and reward them generously with positions and better living, even as the faithful servants languished. Attention was only on us when something was to be done; when contributions were needed; when our skills were in demand; when tithing time had come. But as soon as that was done, you changed your focus to enjoying life with family and friends. Because of that, “we’re not joining your church.”

No, we’re not going to join a church that downright lies, uses and dumps us, puts us in unfruitful labor and only works to kill our spirits. We want heaven, yes, but we’re not looking for it through you.