Disgraced Senate Candidate Roy Moore Delivers A Short Address At A Birmingham Black Church

By Victor Ochieng

Troubled U.S. Senate candidate for Alabama, Roy Moore, his wife and some members of his campaign team on Sunday attended a service at Guiding Light Church, a predominantly Black church in Birmingham, where he spoke briefly and stayed through the conclusion of the worship service.

Moore came at the invitation of Bishop Jim Lowe, who said other candidates have also previously received an invitation to visit the church.

“I can’t talk about politics or anything. I appreciate your support,” Moore said.

The candidate also recited a Christmas themed poem he’d authored with a message for those in need. Bishop Lowe referred Moore as “this man” during the service that had a theme that included Christians holding their own cross.

But it didn’t end without Lowe mentioning something positive about the Senate candidate. He reminded congregants of the candidate’s 2003 battle to have the Ten Commandments monument in the state judiciary to be retained.

“The law said he should remove them. He said, ‘no, this is the word of God.’ He wouldn’t support same-s*x marriage. The law says support it. He said, ‘but the law of God is supreme.’ He’s on a cross. He’s being crucified now,” Lowe said.

Moore got time to shortly greet the worshipers after the service.

As he was leaving the church, he gave a brief response to a question about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s earlier comment on CBS’s Face the Nation that “in the end, the voters of Alabama will make their choice.”

The Senate candidate was in agreement with the majority leader, saying, “He has to. The people in Alabama will decide.”

McConnell has been a fierce critic of Moore and has even previously encouraged the former Alabama Chief Justice to drop out of the race.

Clearly, in a hurry to leave, Moore declined to take any further questions.

The election will take place on December 12, a day Alabama will know whether or not voters listened to those who criticized Moore over allegations that he’s a child molester.

Moore’s rival for the Senate seat came out strongly to criticize him over the allegations, saying, “Men who hurt little girls should go to jail, not the US Senate.”

Moore has been facing serious allegations by women who claim he behaved inappropriately with them when he was a prosecutor in his 30s at a time the girls were teenagers.