Did Donald Trump’s Visit To A Detroit Black Church Influence Black Voters?

By Angela Wyatt Braden

The RNC presidential nominee traveled to Detroit this past weekend, hoping to woo influential African American pastors to throw their support to Trump. It appears the Trump camp believes that Black preachers are the fastest route to achieve success in the voting booths throughout the hood.

Wayne Bradley, the Michigan Republican Party Director of African American Engagement, believes that Trump possesses the will and skill to make America “great again” for all people. But the Trump opposition has been firing away at Trump for the last two years, insisting that Trump is only interested in making America “great again” for a chosen few. And those chosen few are thought to be non-blacks. So, Trump decided to take to Detroit, one of the country’s highest populated cities of African American voters, to try romance the “black vote.” When asked by Rolling Out Magazine why Donald Trump felt that he needed to visit a Black church, Bradley had this to say. “Donald Trump seemed to be very touched by the support and the love, which I knew that he was going to have to say something coming to a Black church, that he would feel something here and I believe sincerely that he really does want to make America better for everyone. And now, hopefully this is the rollout of him expressing that to urban communities throughout America. Yesterday he was in Philly, today he’s in Detroit, and this is a good start.”

Start? Most would say that Trump should’ve started way before now to include African Americans in his campaign goals. But who am I? Let’s continue with this story.

When Rolling Out asked Bradley if he felt that Trump was able to persuade Black voters with this “black preacher round up” he put together, Bradley said, “It’s very possible. Again, people don’t trust Hillary Clinton. So, they’re looking for a reason to support Donald Trump. He also talked about protecting religious freedoms, which again to the faith based community, that’s big. You have people now that are concerned that our faith and our values are being trampled upon. And he spoke up to that. And that crosses over any ethnicity lines, white evangelicals, Black evangelicals, that are concerned with the direction that our country is going in and the fact that they can even preach their word without having to worry about repercussions from the government or things of that nature. I think what he was talking about was progression. It was on point for where he was at today.”

So, it was the give them their “Jesus” and they will simply comply? That sounds like a similar strategy used by slaveholders for hundreds of years, except there was no whip used this past weekend. But you never know… It may work without the whip. Some people live their lives only for the hereafter.

So, for those particular Black folks… Like Trump repeatedly says, “What do they have to lose?” Definitely not their Jesus.